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Postcard printing – reach the right audiences with top services

An interesting idea is enough to earn prospect customers' attention.

Custom postcards are an excellent way to stand out from a flood of e-cards. Consumers receive plenty of digital communications. Returning to a traditional postcard is an interesting idea.

Older recipients have always loved postcards, and younger ones will definitely feel special when they receive such unconventional mail. Customized, with high-quality print and content meaningful to the addressee.

You can use a postcard to send special-occasion greetings and regards to a client who has agreed to such correspondence. Remembering about someone’s birthday, name day or other special days is not just a nice custom. It is an obligation of a diligent Account Manager. You may also print postcards to pleasantly surprise your family or friends.

Excellent opportunities include Christmas, New Year, Easter, and especially Mother’s Day (May 26), Father’s Day (June 23), Children’s Day (June 1), Grandma’s Day (January 21), Grandpa’s Day (January 22), Women’s Day (March 8), Men’s Day (March 10), Boy’s Day (September 30), and Valentine’s Day (February 14).


Christmas postcards

Christmas is a special time for sending and receiving postcards. In many homes, Christmas postcards decorate the windowsill or the mantelpiece.

In some offices, they are put up on cork boards or even hang up as garlands. Which cards are given the best spots? Obviously, the ones that stand out – have an original design, attract the eye with quality colors, glimmer because they have been printed on special paper, and perhaps have extra finishes.

Do you want to show the addressee that you care? Give up on the standard designs available in shops and print your own postcards. A brand that wants to send wishes to their customers, partners and clients, and present it as an indispensable element of Christmas should definitely order custom postcards. This will certainly help it get ahead of the competition.

Fortunately, with an online printing shop that offers a product configurator, preparing such custom postcards that attract the eye is incredibly easy. And, important before any special holidays, you can do this quickly to have enough time to mail them.


More than a leaflet!

Make use of the sentimental value of postcards and treat them as a creative form of leaflets promoting your company.

Can a company promote its business on a postcard? It definitely can

Print postcards and surprise the addressee with the graphic design and with the timing. After all, in addition to the list of typical holidays, there is also a calendar of non-standard ones. The latter can be precisely tied to the brand specificity and preferences of the addressee. And so there is the Tea Day (15 December), the Chocolate Covered Anything Day (16 December), the Students’ Day (17 November), the Make a Gift Day (3 December) or the International Cat Day (17 February) or the Dog Day (1 July).

The postcard business usually does not acknowledge such occasions. But an inventive entrepreneur may take advantage of online postcard printing and their own creativity.

By printing postcards, you already stand out. Now make this creative task easier for yourself.

  • Pick one of the four postcard formats: A5, A6, DL or 150 x 150 mm.
  • Chose the color variant: color print only on the front page of the postcard or color on the front page and black text overleaf.
  • Print postcards on matte art paper with a grammage 350 g. Now choose the finish: shiny gloss film or Soft Skin film for a velvety finish pleasant to the touch.
  • Specify the number of copies: from 10 to 5000.
  • Expect your postcards to be ready on the next day after ordering if you place the order by 4 p.m. on a working day.
  • Pay in zloty or euros.

A postcard may become a flyer of the sending company

Or even something more – a precisely personalized message. One that will definitely earn at least a moment the recipient’s time.
How long will that moment last? This depends on the inventiveness of the sender, and with the possibilities of online printing, the only limit is their imagination.

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