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We combine the best qualifications of a printing house with the Internet's convenience!

As the first online printing house in Poland, we combine the best printing qualifications with the convenience of the Internet! 24/7 of top quality service! Our comprehensive online store allows you to print dozens of various promotional materials in a plethora of configurations, in just a few clicks!

Print your business cards, leaflets, catalogs and posters with us; make use of ordering simplifications as well as various print finishings! See for yourself - get to know us better!

How We Operate

We combined ONLINE and OFFLINE working spaces to maximize their potential.

The Internet has allowed us to revolutionize the way orders are placed. We have prepared thousands of configurations and possible print parameters. We provided Clients with detailed file preparation instructions, CHROMA 3D Upload system and convenient payment methods — you can use them without time or geographical restrictions. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can order your materials in print — each time our system will calculate and clearly state the estimated time of final product delivery.

what we do

Our headquarters is located in Żary.

Our production halls cover an area of ​​12.500 m2, whereas our offices and social rooms are located across 2.500 m2. Over 250 Professionals representing 30 different job positions make every effort to ensure that our cutting-edge machine park, warehouses and distribution center all seamlessly deliver the online store orders.