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Best of the best!

CHROMA is an Internet printing house that puts modernity, quickness, and quality first. We are constantly doing our best to make cooperation and project realization efficient and professional. We believe that it is possible to combine the best skillset of a printing house with the Internet's convenience.

about us

Always first!

First in Poland online printing company. We are the market leader that was the first to establish such a comprehensive online shop - with all its tools and abilities - that it revolutionized the customer service. It has never been that simple and transparent!

All improvements and their direction have always taken into account our Customers' needs and expectations.

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We have always put first:

convenience: comfortable and user-friendly ordering of professional promotional materials
accessibility: you can make orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
simplicity: the system, instructions, pilot materials, and knowledge base facilitate the next steps of the configuration and ordering processes
innovation: state-of-the-art technologies at the service of production orders — we are the only company which uses print preview and a revolutionary tool called CHROMA 3D Upload
transparency: we always clearly state the execution time and the shipping cost is specified in your order summary
ecology: we have been the first in Europe to begin using Japanese H-UV technology that guarantees the highest, environment-friendly printing standards

Capital of trust

Our mission and principles let us earn our Customers' ever-increasing trust. For the last 25 years we have been continuously working on satisfaction of those who entrusted us with the printing of their materials.

As the national market leader and one of the leading printing houses in Europe, we never cease to improve. By investing in hi-tech equipment and technologies, we are able to obtain the best printing parameters. Because of the introduced innovations, our colors and paper are of the highest quality.