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Reason for rejection

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Missing or insufficient bleed area
Bleed — printing area that goes beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. It ensures that — after trimming — the printing area will extend to the edge. The lack of bleeds may cause irregular white margins. Therefore, bleeds should be 3 mm on each side.
Text and/or graphics too close to the trim line.
Text should be placed at least 2 mm from the trim line. Text placed closer to the line may be cut off during the trimming process. Error tolerance for the trimming machine remains within 2 mm and, therefore, the text should be placed closer than the boundary lines indicate.
The document contains colors different from specifications.
The work has not been prepared in proper colors, that is CMYK based on FOGRA 39 profile. CMYK — a set of four basic inks commonly used in color printing. Preparing an order with colors different from CMYK may cause color discrepancies during conversion to CMYK. Please prepare files in appropriate color space based on FOGRA 39.
Incorrect file extension.
Only works in JPG, TIF, and PDF formats are accepted for printing. Other extensions will not be accepted. Orders sent in a different format than indicated above will be rejected.
The file is corrupt. Please reupload the file for this order.
The file sent for execution is corrupt or was corrupted during sending for printing, which resulted in the file being unopenable. Please send the file again.
Format not consistent with specifications.
Design's format is inadequate to the one chosen in the order. Works are not scaled to the selected format. We print from the file provided for implementation, so to avoid cropping the design or printing it in a format smaller to the one selected, please reupload the file after correcting its dimentions.
Please check creasing and/or folding lines.
The creasing or folding lines have been incorrectly prepared. The lines overlap with the text or are folded for an inadequate mock-up. To make the flyer look aesthetically pleasing, please improve the design. Information on flyers with creasing/folding can be found on the page next to each flyer in the help window on how to prepare a file.
Missing fonts.
The fonts have not been correctly embedded in the work, which may cause them to be missing or incorrectly displayed when printing the file. Please always convert the fonts into curves.
There are overprints detected.
Overprints or printing color on color — this principle is used when printing a black (opaque) color on other colors to maintain more accuracy — this option is set automatically when shiny finishing is chosen. Please do not use overprints as using it on colors other than black can cause errors like missing text if printed in white. If you use overprints in trapping, please provide additional information attached to the file (preferably zipped together) and send us an email.
Missing fonts, please convert to curves.
The fonts must be converted into curves. In the absence of a given font, they will be replaced automatically, which may cause the lack of Polish fonts or a change in the text's look.
Inappropriate number of pages in relation to the selected product.
The work has used the wrong number of pages for the selected product. In the file sent to the order, the number of pages should be the same as in the order.
The work should be centered on the page or sheet.
Centering is the placing of work in the middle of a page or sheet. The right margin must equal the left margin and the top margin must be the same as the bottom margin. If you do not center your work on the sheet, the design will be printed incorrectly as the images and the pages will mismatch.
The cutting lines must not touch each other. Please leave a space of 3—4 mm between them or remove them entirely.
If the work has cutting lines, please set them so that the distance from them is at least 3—4 mm. If you do not keep this distance, cutting lines can be printed on the finished product.
Please flatten the layers
The work was prepared with layers. Flatten the layers so that nothing disappears from your work. Otherwise the printing may contain errors, e.g. lack the flattened elements.
Please send the design with and without a die
Please upload two files: one including the proper design and the other with a die.
Resolution too low
The order's quality will suffer from low resolution and the printout will be illegible. Recommended resolution is 350 dpi
At the customer's request
The customer sent an email or called to ask to reject the file that was meant for execution.
Please zip all order files and attach them to the order
If there are more files to be included in the order, they should be zipped because only one file can be attached to an order.
Each page should be on a separate sheet
There may be only one page of work per sheet, in case of two pages on a sheet, the work will not be centered and thus the print will be incorrect.
Page orientation should be the same for each page
The works are always turned by the side, therefore the work should be vertical or horizontal on both sides. You cannot upload works with one horizontal and one vertical side.
The work should be prepared as an external and internal side
In folded files, files must be uploaded as an external and internal side of the page in accordance with the example file that is found alongside each format. This is necessary to avoid improper placing errors on pages of folded products.
The gluing area should be centered on the mockup
The place where the calendar is to be glued must be placed in accordance with the mockup available in the "how to prepare" tab alongside the product
Please attach a file with selective varnish and zip the files (rar extension packages are also acceptable)
For works with selective varnish, the varnish should be prepared as 100% black color zipped together with work and submitted for execution.
The minimum color separation should be at least 7%
Minimum inking is 7% of the sum of all CMYK components. If there is a watermark within the design, its inking also must be at least 7%.
Please upload files in just one format from among pdf, cdr, jpg, tiff
We accept files with the following extensions: JPG, TIF, PDF. To avoid errors, please send files with a single extension.
The design should be centered on the die
The design and the die should be centered on the sheet.
Selective UV varnish should amount to 100% coverage with the color black
The varnish should always be prepared as 100% black. The varnish cannot be prepared from 4 CMYK colors.
The calendar's gluing area should remain unprinted [Please prepare the file in accordance with the mockup]
The calendar's gluing area must be placed in accordance with the mockup that is available in the Help tab alongside the product. There must be no graphic on this area, according to the guidelines the place should be left white and unprinted.
Please rotate the other side of the flyer 180 degrees against the first one
Orders are always rotated to the right/left. If the design is legible in a landscape mode and the sent file is in a portrait mode, the other side should be rotated 180 degrees against the first one. Otherwise one side will be upside down.
Please send the design without a die / a mockup
Some mockups on the site are prepared for you to use them when designing your work. Please make sure that you do not include mockups for flyers not requiring them.
Please remove the framing which indicates trim lines
Visible margins should be removed from the design; otherwise, they will be printed.
Resolution of a color or black-and-white image is lower than 140 dpi
The order contains graphics of a resolution lower than required by specifications.
Color space has been converted from RGB to CMYK (imprints retained)
Colors changed in accordance with specifications (CMYK).
Incorrect PDF version
PDF files should be updated to Acrobat 4 version 1.3.
Resolution of a color or black-and-white image is lower than 200 dpi
Recommended element resolution for this work is 350 dpi
Incorrect catalog
Please send the catalog page after page.
Please send the order in a portrait orientation
Please send the order in a portrait orientation