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Select the paper

Depending on the flyer's requirements and its design's specificity, make a good use of the diverse range od available paper types!

Matte Paper

Its surface absorbs light. A proven solution for most formats and finishings, such as spot varnish.

Glossy Paper

The most popular! It optically increases color saturation on printed materials and extraordinarily highlights color intensity!

Papier ekologiczny

Myśl w sposób zrównoważony i wybierz druk na papierach z recyklingu. Jest to nie tylko dobre dla środowiska, ale również dobrze odbierane przez klientów.

Select the format

Decide about your flyer's folding so that they reflect your vision and duly fulfill their function.


Configure the simplest flyers' format conveniently and quickly. Top-notch printing quality assured.
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Select flyers that will fold as you wish them to.
Available in products

Tear Off Perforated

An invitation to interact! Because of perforated elements, your customers will be able to take your data home.
Available in products

Pair with embellishments

Select finishings which will make your flyer unique and richly embellished.

Gold Foil

An impression worth its weight in gold! Feel free to select your business card's elements that will be covered with gold coating mask.
Available in products

Raised Spot Gloss

A 'touching' impression! Select which elements of your design will be selectively covered with the 3D varnish.
Available in products

Drip Off Varnish

A hybrid varnish finishing! Combine gloss and matte impressions that will give your design a tangible, rough texture.
Available in products

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Quality matters!

Our efforts to provide the highest quality products and services have been recognized by many awards and certificates.

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