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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I change my account details?
All the data for your account can be edited in the Customer panel, available in the "My Account" -> "Settings" -> "Addresses" section.
Where is my order?
When your order has been shipped, you are going to receive an email notification with the shipping company's name and the number of the consignment note.
PayU payments (prepayment by bank transfer, credit card, traditional transfer), Pay-by-link via PayU, Credit card payment, Traditional bank transfer.
The shipping cost is given in the order summary.
What are the available payment methods?
PayU payments, Pay-by-link via PayU, PayU Installments, VISA MasterCard, PayPal, Cash on delivery, Traditional bank transfer.
How to contact
In the footer of the page you will find the "Contact" link, where all the necessary contact details are available.
How can I order products not available on the website?
Inquiries for a non-standard product should be sent to and include as many parameters and details of the order as possible.
Can I set up a new account with the tax identification number (NIP) which is already in the CHROMA database?
Only one account can be created for a given tax identification number (NIP).
What is the smallest font that is readable on a print?
We recommend a 6-pixel-font with 100% black ink prining — this guarantees the later readability of the font.