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Can a printing house be eco-friendly?

Chroma is!


We start with ourselves!

We are aware that with the current state of technology, there is no such thing as a production with no environmental impact. We know, however, that the impact can be greatly reduced. We begin with the printing process. We start with ourselves!

At Chroma, we have been working systematically for several years on improving our environmental efficiency. We analyse, diagnose and reduce our negative impact on the environment. Our market position allows us to use the latest technologies. We are not afraid of challenges, and a bar set high.

We are keeping a close eye on the whole technological process. We minimise both production waste and energy consumption. A That is why the suppliers we choose are not random.

Our business is our responsibility, for which we are responsible, not you. We want to encourage you to try out our green products. Chroma green means eco-friendly substrates and technologies. Now it is your turn to be eco!

green process

We care about the environment at every stage.


Eco-friendly substrates.

Nautilus, out of love for nature.

Nautilus is an uncoated paper made entirely out of
recycled paper, suitable for comprehensive internal
communication. It is produced in two hues of white
without optical bleaches. The NAUTILUS® product family
stands for premium quality recycled paper which allows
high-quality whilst keeping nature in mind with every use.

Choosing recycled paper does not have to mean sacrificing high quality. NAUTILUS® was created to offer uncommon solutions which address all your needs regarding offset printing. Depending on your needs, you can choose between two white hues, in a range of weights between 80 g and 350 g. Choose perfectly white NAUTILUS® Superwhite (150 CIE) if you are looking for ideally white, exclusive sheets but still want your choice to be sustainable. Thanks to its natural white hue (112CIE), NAUTILUS® Classic can help you send a distinct commitment concerning the natural environment.

Nautilus Classic paper guarantees unique print quality, with lively and glossy colours, while staying true to their original intensity. In addition, its high opacity minimises any transparency and makes two-sided printing easy. From annual reports, invitation cards, and magazines to mailing campaigns - Nautilus Classic presents a range of eco-responsible paper for all printed communication. You can choose between papers of different weights, suitable for all uses and all printing technologies. Certified ColorLok ®️ technology keeps the paper fully compatible with all offset and laser printing technologies.

Eco-friendly substrates.

Check out our ECO products.

Business Cards ECO
Flyers ECO
Posters ECO
Catalogs ECO
Calendars ECO
Notebooks ECO
Plano Sheets ECO
Invitation Cards ECO
Books ECO

be an example

Be known from the green side!

We have prepared a set of green badges for you
which are matched to your order.
You can label ordered products, free of charge.

Download a packet of badgesdownload
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