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X-banner – flexible where you want to show your versatility

Discover the benefits of advertising banners and your customers will discover you.

Does your company participate in many promotional events, fairs and congresses? Do you focus primarily on B2B communication and want your brand to be clearly visible during industry events? Do you offer a wide range of services and would you like to present different products or services at every event? Or perhaps you have an office with a waiting room where you would like to advertise your company in a compelling way? You should opt for an X-banner.

An X-banner is a large 0.8 x 1.8 m (800 x 1800 mm) advertisement put up on an X-shaped stand (hence the name, though you can also encounter the term ‘spider banner stand’).

It is an alternative to a roll-up, and its advantage is that you can easily change the advertising visuals. The content is printed in UV technology on a reinforced semi-coated 450 g banner. This makes it durable and excellent for both indoor and outdoor display. It is resistant to UV light, rain and frost.

Together with the stand, the spider banner is a light, durable, handy structure that is easy to transport. It gives you mobility if you often need to travel to various places. This form of portable advertising is highly convenient when you have to set it up quickly and then dismantle it in no time once the event is over.


When a roll-up is not enough

An X-banner – the advertising artwork (insert) – along with the stand is a particularly useful display in places where you need to set it up quickly and easily for a brief period of time, as often happens during conferences, trade fairs and industry events.

If you have a tight schedule of events in which your company should participate, but you do not want to order separate roll-ups for all of them, an X-banner stand will be a cost-effective and convenient solution.

Every event has its own specificities and its own target group. Sometimes those groups seek different values which need to be addressed separately. To do so, you can order inserts adapted to particular target groups. This way, you do not have to attend all the events with a standard general roll-up. Instead, you present your best self, with a message customized to the needs of your audience.

An X-banner is also a useful accessory for a fair booth. Its specific structure brings lightness to the booth and fills the space with suitable advertising communications. And the stand frame can be used for other booths, as it is only the banner visuals that need replacing.


Wherever you go... always with you!

Light and portable form of advertising with an option of swift graphics replacement. Take it with you wherever you want.
Printed on a semi-coated 450g banner.
With grommets on the corners and an option of frame tension regulation.

X-banner suitable for waiting rooms

It can be used for example in waiting rooms of clinics or other similar spaces, like gyms, swimming pools or sports facilities, wherever you would like to promote your brand, for example, health products, medicinal products or attractive trips.

This form of advertising may be more effective than, for instance, wall posters, as it is three-dimensional and as such occupies more space and creates a clear point of reference in an area. The eyes of a person who is waiting for something particular tend to travel to such objects. With its unusual and visually appealing structure, the banner attracts the eye.

A spider banner is excellent wherever you anticipate having permanent display space (e.g. under a merchandising contract), but you would like to change the display to adapt it to the season or current special offer.

With the durable structure of the stand and with how easy it is to change the advertising insert, an X-banner is a highly convenient direct marketing tool. Every insert, that is the banner itself, is retractable, easily replaceable, with eyelets on corners, and the structure of the stand makes it possible to adjust tension.

With the online printing shop, you can of course choose to order a banner only, without the stand, if the latter is already set up in the designated place and you want to present your latest services.

Along with the stand, you also receive a handy bag to conveniently transport it. The light portable structure has an advantage over a roll-up, which is usually relatively heavy and cumbersome.

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