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Standard Folded Flyers

Fold them in your arms!
Check the configuration of flyers that can be easily, conviniently, and quickly ordered for production!

Flyer printing is one of the most popular direct marketing tools. Flyers are addressed to a specific audience, often from the local area (unless they are put in mailboxes all over the country for nationwide campaigns).

Cheap flyers are used by both large companies, such as banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, and small local businesses, such as Internet providers, pizza places, caterers, opticians or property developers. We can say without hesitation that flyers are – or can – be used by everyone.

Folded flyer

An universal tool for wider presentation of our services

Folded flyer is a multidimensional relation-building tool. It cannot be replaced by the Internet, especially when it comes to local services. Google Maps or SEO are not always helpful here. Customers do not always use them when they want to take care of a seemingly simple matter locally. They may also be mistrustful of service details provided online.

Print flyers to build trust. To make them remember you and initiate contact. Think about this from the perspective of the AIDA model. This is a marketing action plan that shows in simplified terms how communication should be planned.

First, you need to intrigue the recipient, attract their attention, in order to invoke their interest and, subsequently, desire to bring about the action you are expecting. This simple model still works, and it is bound to help you plan your effective communication.

Print flyers as universal tools to advertise your products and services and provide information about them. Sometimes you need to present yourself in an exhaustive and comprehensive way. A one-page flyer would look chaotic and not appealing at all. Folded flyer printing is the best solution in this case.

Standard folded flyers, without any embellishments or finishing, are perfect if you want to present all of your extensive services. Do you have a service point, a franchise or a takeout restaurant? Or perhaps you run a hair salon, a dental clinic, a lending business or a gym?

Not everyone can notice your establishment and not everyone looks for it specifically in your neighborhood. Flyers reach the recipients whether they want it or not, they build your brand recognition and, when the timing is right, encourage them to use your service and thus become your customers.

You can distribute cheap flyers in envelopes or put them on display in your place of business or in generally accessible space. You may be allowed to present your custom flyers in dedicated places in local cafés, pizza places or medical clinics – wherever you successfully partner with local businesses.

Standard Folded Flyers

When standard is everything you need!

A perfect choice for each and every volume.
It doesn't matter whether you need the smallest amount or thousands of copies — always expect the highest quality and swift execution!
Folded Flyers

Print flyers for various purposes

If you compete primarily with price and availability, this is the message you need to convey through your custom flyer. On the first page, print large slogans and the numbers related to your special offer.

With folded flyers, you can elaborate on your services on the next pages, which can feature less competitive products. Print flyers with a lively and convincing cover to invoke the intended first impression and present the rest discretely on subsequent pages. This way, you will create an anchor for your brand and focus the customer’s attention on the principal promotional message.

If you are convincing, the recipient will not only take advantage of the special offer but may also buy something from the product pool with less attractive prices. They may also keep the flyer for future reference.

If you want to communicate quality and professionalism and discretely hide the price, try to build the impression through better design and better paper of higher grammage. You can also opt for gloss paper to bring out the colors of your custom flyers.

The online printing shop offers both commonly used standard folded flyers, to communicate brief special offers, and slightly more sophisticated folded flyers, to build your image as a robust and trustworthy – even if not the cheapest – company.

Standard Folded Flyers

Simply THE best!

All most popular kinds of paper, types of folding , and formats close at hand!
Choose between proven configurations backed by hundreds of thousands of orders!
Folded flyer printing

Multiple options to choose from

Order flyers with the configurator and pick the format of your custom flyers:

  • A3 – 297 x 420 mm
  • A4 – 210 x 297 mm
  • A5 – 148 x 210 mm
  • A5 – 210 x 148 mm
  • A6 – 105 x 148 mm
  • A6 – 148 x 105 mm
  • A7 – 74 x 105 mm
  • DL – 99 x 210 mm
  • DL – 210 x 99 mm
  • 198 x 210 mm
  • 105 x 297 mm

The format is the size of the flyer once folded. The format of the sheet will be several times larger than the format of your choice, depending on the selected fold type. As you can see, you can distribute large folded flyers, up to A3, as well as small flyers, folded to the DL format – perfect for envelopes.

As you configure your business flyers, pick flyer orientation – whether your custom flyers are to be folded along the long or the short side. Check the right option while selecting the format.

There are a number of folding methods. Take this into account at the design stage as this determines in what order the recipient reads your content. You have the following folding options to choose from:

  • in half
  • Z-shaped
  • C-shaped
  • zigzag (concertina)
  • in half and again in half

Now you need to choose paper

If you distribute flyers often or if you print flyers in large quantities, or if you frequently change your services and offer low prices, pick very low grammage. If quality is what matters to you the most and your custom flyers also have brand-building functions, opt for higher grammage.

Your paper options:

  • gloss art paper of grammages 90 g/m2, 130 g/m2, 170 g/m2, 250 g/m2, 300 g/m2
  • matte art paper of grammages 90 g/m2, 130 g/m2, 170 g/m2, 250 g/m2, 300 g/m2
  • pre-print paper 90 g/m2

Once you already know what you want to say through your printed flyers, what message you want to convey, pick matching options and order standard folded flyers with the configurator on the online printing shop’s website.

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