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Spiral bound notebooks – convenience combined with functionality and style

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It is amazing how much attention is paid nowadays to the aesthetics of the stationery that accompanies us as we learn, work, travel or enjoy a peaceful time at home. This is clear from the abundance of available notebook types. Notebooks with a cover, without a cover, with a custom cover, glued notebooks, spiral bound notebooks...

The highest aesthetic pleasure can be experienced if you configure and print an excellent quality notebook customized to your own needs and preferences. For example, a spiral bound notebook.

Spiral bound notebooks

Should it be highly practical? Let’s make it a spiral bound notebook

It will be perfect for work or an interesting lecture or to take notes as you listen to a conference presentation or gather ad hoc opinions about a company product. Pages of a spiral bound notebook, connected with a spiral wire, can be turned quickly without the risk of important notes falling out and getting lost.

The convenience of turning the pages around the spiral is also important in household planning or in travel notes. A spiral bound notebook is durable and handy – it is a good travelling companion and project assistant.

How many sheets do you want your practical notebook to have? In the Chroma online printing shop, you can choose 25, 50 or 100 sheets – for either brief or even very elaborate notes.

Spiral Bound Notebooks

Note for your life!

Select the best spiral color and format.
Do you prefer checkered patterns or lines? It's up to you!

Should it also be stylish? It still can be a spiral bound notebook

It absolutely does not have to be just any paper block bound with a standard spiral. With Chroma, you pick the color of the wire to match your preferences and the style of the whole spiral bound notebook. The available options include white, black, gold or silver.

The color metal spiral can bind either the long side for a regular notebook or the short side – for a reporter notebook. You decide whether you want it checkered or lined.

Be creative in choosing the format. Your spiral bound notebook from Chroma can be:

  • a solid notebook in a classic A4, A5 or A6 format,
  • a designer square block 210 x 210 mm,
  • a notebook in the unusual DL (99 x 210 mm) format, resembling a calendar.

Do you want it to be perfect for you? Enjoy configuring a spiral bound notebook

Picking the paper, the colors, cover finish – this is a real treat for aesthetes who love using beautiful and customized objects.
Then there are also pragmatists, who admit that it is good to stand out, and a company notebook with well-selected colors and decorative details may attract positive attention during meetings.

Connoisseurs should take a moment to consider if their spiral bound notebook should:

  • be printed on matte or gloss art paper, on regular offset paper or on uncoated woodfree preprint paper,
  • have a gloss or art paper cover, or no cover at all,
  • have single-color or multiple-color inside print.

Everyone will find it exciting to look at the finishes available for spiral bound notebook covers. After all, this is where their visual difference lies.

Chroma offers the following finishes for the front cover of a spiral bound notebook:

  • matte or gloss film – both variants protect the cover and give the whole notebook a more luxurious look,
  • Soft Skin film – a true pleasure to the touch, giving the notebook a velvety feel,
  • golden or silver elements – especially when combined with the right colors, this finishing will guarantee an elegant final effect,
  • selective UV 3D varnish – applied on selected elements of the cover, it will make them not only glossy but also slightly raised.

The order limits for such sophisticated, customized spiral bound notebooks are 50 to 50,000. All this, with the guaranteed shipment of finished notebooks on the fourth day after ordering (if the order is placed before 4 p.m. on a working day).

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