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Slide binding posters
Don't let the opportunities slide away!

With an inserted hanger — as practical as possible.

Posters serve various purposes, such as advertising or communication, they complement the interior design, present products or services or serve as art in a gallery.

Slide binding posters

For a display window or an interior?

Double-sided slide binding posters may be put up at any type of exhibition and in display windows. Both sides are printed. This way more information can be communicated in places where your custom poster can be seen from both sides, and where it is displayed on a regular wall, you can flip it from time to time to change the artwork.

They are a perfect solution for a store or a service establishment. A double-sided slide binding poster is more durable than an ordinary custom poster. Moreover, it presents the place on the outside – in the display window – and provides additional information or decorates the room.

It can be used instead of display window film, popular especially with franchise stores, bank branches or telecom operators. A slide binding poster offers an extra esthetic value. It also helps avoid the display window restrictions, which are becoming increasingly common due to landscape legislation.

Use a double-sided custom poster to visually separate specific space from an interior to create an atmosphere conducive to customer service.

Print a slide binding poster as a planner or a calendar..

Slide Binding Posters

Your turn!

Decide which side should be hardened with a slide binder and select its color — then hang the poster and just... hang around.

Convenience and wide range of slide binding poster printing options

Use the convenient hole in the upper metal strip to hang your custom poster on a hook. Avoid any additional structure, tape or other attachment systems which could damage the poster or make it impossible to change it.

Slide binding posters are securely reinforced at the top and at the bottom. To make your own poster, choose the orientation – either vertical or horizontal. Depending on your choice, the strips will be attached to either the long or the short sides of your custom poster.

Pick one of the following formats:

  • A1 – 594 x 841 mm
  • A2 – 420 x 594 mm
  • A3 – 297 x 420 mm
  • B1 – 680 x 980 mm
  • B2 – 480 x 680 mm

Print a slide binding poster on matte or gloss art paper of a grammage 170 g or 250 g. Order CMYK single-sided or double-sided posters or black single-sided posters. Choose the latter option if the design is monochromatic and minimalistic, and the effect is intended to be enhanced with finishing. The final result may be spectacular.

Order slide binding posters for increased durability

If you want your custom poster to last, make sure it has tinning in the form of top and bottom aluminum strips. Slide binding posters are more durable and look better in interiors – with the load at the bottom and the reinforcement at the top, they last longer and always hang straight.
The tinning and the hole allow you to quickly and safely hang your custom poster, and they give it structure for a longer-lasting and elegant display.

Reinforce your posters with slide binders

Slide binding is an important poster printing solution for product durability and your comfort. You can use metal bars to secure either long or short sides of the poster – always the top and the bottom.

What do you gain with slide binders for your custom poster?

  • You can transport varnished posters with little risk of damage.
  • With the hole in the upper binder, you can put up your posters easily.
  • You do not have to worry about the durability and appearance of the poster becoming compromised. Secured with the finishing varnish and additionally with slide binders, your custom poster will last and look beautiful for a long time.
  • Slide binding additionally enhances the effect of a premium product that is polished and protected.

Use finishing to enhance slide binding posters

Print custom posters with finishing. You can choose between High Gloss UV and Drip Off, both used to highlight certain elements of an image. This is an excellent solution, especially for single-sided posters printed in black and white. Finishing enhances any raw design and reinforces the impression of luxury.

Remember that film coating is not available for A1/B1 formats. For a similar effect, print more eco-friendly and cheap custom posters with High Gloss varnish. For A2/B2 formats, all the said finishing options are available, while for A3 – only gloss film.

The tinning strip is also important. The configurator offers three types:

  • silver
  • white
  • black

Pick a strip to match the design prepared by the graphic artist. This is important for an elegant effect.

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