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Chroma is the most extensive website. Many customers have yet to discover the advanced features available on our website. You can explore them during the national quarantine.


Want to know more about the enhancements? Want to see for what designs they look best? Or maybe learn how to prepare masks properly? Each of these questions is discussed in detail in the help section and by our webinar.

Prepare your own shape

Your materials can stand out thanks to their unconventional shape. All you need to enjoy these unique materials is to prepare a mask based on the marked cutting and creasing lines. Simple? And so effective!

własny kształt makiety
nazwanie zamówień
Custom names

Add your own name to each product. If you order materials for various employees, assign appropriate names to each configuration. No more uploading the wrong files, and if you need to print the design again then it is easy find the order.

Your quantity

Enter the quantity you need, and then we either process the order or propose alternatives as close as possible to the desired one. All for the sake of the environment and effective printing of sheets.

twój nakład
dodrukuj lub zamów ponownie
Order again

You can use the previous product configuration (print format, paper type, enhancement), but new files have to be uploaded. In this option you can also change the quantity, shipping or invoice details.

Additional print

This function is very similar to "Order again" - the difference is that our system uses already uploaded files. Similarly, you can change the quantity, as well as the shipping and invoice details.

użytkownicy w jednej organizacji
Users in one organisation

You can attach several employees to be responsible for printing to the company profile. Each of them will be given access to our panel and be able to place orders. They will also be able to view past orders and archived invoices.


Join our discount program and use CashBack. Order prints on our website and get back 10% of the order value refunded to your CashBack account. Thanks to this, you have an extra budget set aside for future orders.

pakiet wsparcia
Pakiet wsparcia

W związku z trudną sytuacją w biznesie, przygotowaliśmy specjalny pakiet wsparcia. W naszym programie rabatowym każdy Klient jest automatycznie przeniesiony na najwyższy poziom (VIP), a 10% wartości zamówienia wróci na jego konto CashBack.
Akcja trwa od 20 marca do 30 kwietnia 2020 r.


Wyślij swoje zamówienie w kilka miejsc — aż do 100 różnych adresów. Cały nakład — w dowolnych proporcjach — podziel pomiędzy poszczególne placówki i ciesz się identycznymi materiałami w każdej ze swoich filii. Opcja ta jest dodatkowo płatna — nasz system automatycznie obliczy koszt usługi.

użytkownicy w jednej organizacji
Splitting orders
in the cart

Have you changed your mind and now want to postpone completion of one of the products in your order? Maybe pay for and proceed with only part of the order, while waiting for the customer to accept other products? Use the option of splitting placed orders into separate items - all through the platform and without having to contact Customer Service.

Quick purchase

Thanks to the "quick purchase" function, you can save the information most often used for purchases (shipping address, invoice details and payment method) and later make purchases with one click. Mark the selected data set as a favourite, and it will be automatically applied to each cart. Then you just need to upload the file and click "order".

szybkie zakupy
zamówienia wstrzymane
Orders on hold

The orders on hold function allows you to decide when the order goes to production. Your urgent order requires final design approval by the customer, but once you have it you want the order processed as soon as possible? You can place and pay for orders on hold, with their production paused. When you are ready, you can send them for production or cancel them - without having to contact Customer Service.