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Luxury of possibilities!

Premium Business Cards

All premium finishings, kinds of varnish and decorative paper close at hand!

Does a business meeting between the representatives of two companies ever end without the exchange of business cards? This is not possible. Especially if both parties want to build mutual trust.

Everyone prints business cards. And everyone chooses specific solutions depending on the industry and the corporate identity and nature of their brand. Some pick embossed business cards, others choose Multiloft business cards or spot gloss business cards. But they all move within certain specific possibilities.

If this is not enough for you and you would like your personal or business cards to be different, you have to look for something else. At the same time, you value your time, and you are searching for user-friendly services. The Chroma printing shop offers premium business cards, where you can freely configure your order. Choose from all the format and finishing options provided by the printing shop.

Premium business card printing – a luxury of possibilities

From the customer's point of view, the whole process is simple. For example, once you type in "premium business cards" in your search engine, you enter Find the business cards of your choice in the Products tab and then specify business card configuration and order volume.

Even relatively low volumes are available: you can order, for example, fifty cards. There is basically no upper limit. The maximum available order volume for premium business cards is 1,000,000. They will all be delivered exactly where you need them. To your company desk, to your home or to your event venue. If you have pressing deadlines, Chroma offers express shipping: for volumes below 2500 business cards, the order is shipped on the order date.

Curiously enough, even large volumes of business cards can be printed in various formats: You can choose:

  • squares (65 x 65 mm)
  • classic rectangles (85 x 55 mm and 90 x 55 mm)
  • narrow rectangles (85 x 25 mm).

All variants are, of course, double-sided.

Premium Business Cards

Imagination should never be restrained!

Solutions that will prove their value in the case of nonstandard ideas, sophisticated projects, and high expectations.
Premium Business Cards

Luxury paper, sophisticated shape

At this stage, you are one click away from enhancing your business card paper with finishing. The available finishing includes gloss film, Soft Skin film and selective UV 3D varnish. The latter is an additional layer of coating on the business card surface. This way, selected elements will be enhanced with a raised structure which you can feel under your fingers.

Enhance your premium business cards with silver or gloss film – apply it on unicolor surface for the best effect. All the above business card finishes may be applied either on the front side of your business cards or on both sides.

Choose a unique shape for your business cards. You may have all four or only two corners of your business cards rounded. If this is not enough, shape the printed area along the shorter edge – every business card may have a hole.

Such business cards are perfect whenever you need non-standard solutions. For example, if you work in the creative industry. Interior designers, architects, advertising agency employees and artists use non-standard business cards to signal non-verbally that they are professionals with a vivid imagination. They combine art with business. They do this at the key moment of every business contact – during the first encounter. When both parties are developing opinions about each other.

Choose premium business cards

It is often said that contemporary consumers must face the paradox of choice. This means that the more options they have, the harder it is to decide. As a result, they often pick nothing.
With the friendly ordering solutions of Chroma, even multi-step configurations can be easily adjusted and compared to other options. This way, you can develop creative designs of your gold foil business cards, double-sided business cards or luxury business cards. Premium business cards represent the last of those categories. The luxury nature consists in a wide range of paper, finish and format types. All these options are easily available, and your business cards are shipped instantly.

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