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Printed invitations of any kind – because it’s always good to be kind

Words stay for longer when you print them Don't let people forget about you! We have our ways!

Events are nowadays organized with increasing attention to detail. We take our time to plan menus, decorations and the invitations to be sent to our friends, relatives, clients or business partners.

The future bride and groom can deliberate on wedding invitations for weeks before making a decision. No wonder. We hope that this special day will be remembered by everyone for a long time. And we want those with whom we plan to share those special moments to feel welcome with extra kindness and honors.

Are you planning a big event? Design spectacular invitations!

An engagement party, a wedding reception, a baby shower, baptism, First Communion or perhaps a wedding anniversary, a birthday you want to celebrate in a special way, or a less conventional occasion. After all, any occasion is a good opportunity to meet up with family and friends and invite guests.

People are, of course, very busy, and it is not easy for them to make time for yet another event. But when they open an envelope to see an invitation that:

  • fully captures the spirit of the fun they are going to have,
  • reminds them about your passion and imagination,
  • emphasizes how much you want them to come,
  • enchants them with quality and beautiful finishing touches,

they will simply have no choice but to come. They will RSVP whilst already looking forward to your time together.

Will you achieve this effect with an ordinary invitation purchased in a shop? Highly unlikely. But with invitations you configure, polish and enhance yourself and print in a top printing shop, you maximize the chance that your event will be a huge success attendance-wise.

Wedding invitations – the most special of them all

Weddings are one of those occasions when people choose invitations with special care. A wedding invitation must match the colors and the theme of the reception and make a spectacular impression, winning the hearts of the future guests.

Remember that family often treats wedding invitations as mementoes. Kept in an album or a decorative holder, they will be taken out, presented during social meetings and re-opened for anniversaries over and over again, bringing tears of joy. So, make sure they can withstand the flow of time and keep evoking all those emotions.

You can opt for either folded invitations (for example tri-fold invitations or a concertina invites) or single cards put in envelopes. In the online printing shop, you can also decide whether you want a holder and an envelope to go with the invitations.

If you are going for a feather-light, airy look, consider vellum invitations. They have some design elements printed on a translucent sheet. This is definitely an amazing idea for wedding invites.

Before your guests have an opportunity to enjoy themselves on the dance floor at your reception, you can have some fun by designing the invitations. There is nothing stressful about it! Definitely not with the online configurator. It is simply a creative activity with a beautiful conclusion.

Invitation to a Silver or Gold Anniversary or to a celebration associated with snow-white shades? Print invites enhanced with special finishes

The elegant golden finish will leave no doubt that you are about to celebrate your 50th wedding or relationship anniversary in style. The glimmer of silver will remind your guests that it is the time to meet and toast spouses or partners who have spent a quarter of a decade together. The golden and silver motifs will be just as suitable for a wedding as for First Communion invites.

Other noteworthy types of invitation finishes are:

  • gloss or matte film
  • Soft Skin film to make your invitations particularly pleasant, velvety to the touch
  • selective UV 3D varnish to cover only some elements of the invite for a unique effect

This is how one should invite others!

Make a good first impression and nobody will be able to resist. Make a good use of our finishings.
You can choose from many options: gold and silver, matte, and gloss foil, raised spot gloss varnish.

Paper that invites the guests to open the invitation folder

To give your invitation a sophisticated feel, pick handmade paper. Aside from excellent classic matte or gloss art paper, Chroma offers eco-friendly Cyclus Offset 350 g or just as nature friendly Keaykolour Snow White, with a gentle, slightly coarse surface. Perhaps you want to opt for the decorative Rives Dot, with a texture of fine dots? Or go a little extravagant and print invitations on the Stardream Silver silvery metallized paper? With our printing shop, anything is possible.

You can pick a matching envelope, either white or translucent. Other interesting invitation accessories include pockets and holders. Just remember while choosing the format of folded invites (whether two-fold or tri-fold) that the stated format applies to invites which are already folded.

Did you know that before you take a doctoral exam, you need to send dozens of invitations to the committee members and the Faculty Board? Perhaps your university has detailed guidelines stating that those needs to be, let’s say, single cards in a postcard format. Chroma will also prepare such invites for you. The minimum number is 50 invitations, while the maximum available batch volume is 20,000.

It's good to know more!

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