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We care about business — we care about the environment!

Taking care of the services development and customer satisfaction, we do not ignore the environment and people! We are constantly undertaking a number of activities that contribute to the protection of natural resources, reduction of pollution and care for the local environment.

We also care about the environment in our immediate vicinity!

We enforce strict waste segregation and run a 100% recycling policy at our production plants and offices - they get a "second life" from us upon segregation and being transported off to recycling companies. We have also eliminated the use of raw materials which waste could pose a threat to the environment or people's lives and health - chemicals are being recycled as well at CHROMA. The paints we use are not only hi-tech, but much more environmentally friendly than those used traditionally. Furthermore, We don't utilize talc hence reducing energy demand and ozone emissions.

Cutting-edge Technologies

As the first company in Europe, we introduced the H-UV technology developed by a Japanese producer and we work to ensure that 100% of our machines are compatible with it. Thanks to it, we managed to not only minimize the production time, but also give up the traditional, energy-consuming process of thermal drying - at CHROMA, this process is done ecologically and ergonomically owing to the UV radiation.

We handle water rationally. Its closed circulation ensures a sustainable management of this valuable resource.

Ecology First

We have introduced optimization of packaging and delivery processes. We resigned from using plastics almost entirely (including unnecessary fillers) - our shipments are secured mostly by recyclable products. Minimizing packaging positively affects sustainable transport - we cooperate with those delivery companies for whom environment and ecology are important issues.

We support our employees' and the local community.

For years we consciously put emphasis on workplace safety and compliance with its rules through regular trainings and respect for employees' equality. We motivate future generations and set fire to their sport spirit by supporting and cheering the UKS Chromik team up.

We believe that our actions bring benefits to both people and the environment - in the end, we owe our successful development to them.