Calendar pages for three-fold calendars

Calendar pages contain clear day and week numbers, and thanks to marking of the most important holidays, events, and name days, they help in planning and better time organization.

We print on 80g offset paper

Calendar pages for three-fold calendars are made in size 280 x 140 mm.

The print is made in two colors: black and red.

One set of calendar pages consists of 3 perfect bound blocks on a cardboard pad, each with 12 cards. You can order pages in which all three blocks will be in white, gray, or a mixed version.

We attach a red window indicator to the calendar pages, and we send them in packages of 100 sets. The minimum number of sets you can order is 10. Orders for calendar pages submitted before 4 p.m. are sent on the same day.

Calendar pages - gray blocks

Calendar pages - white blocks