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Advertising banners – a convenient and profitable method of outdoor advertising

Clearly the best!
Overtake the competition and present your company.
Outdoor advertising for everyone

Local businesses as well as small and medium-sized enterprises have very few opportunities to use mass advertising, such as radio or TV commercials. Online advertising is not enough.

Outdoor advertising may be a good solution. Its advantage is its visibility in the public space. Customers notice it and cannot ad-block it. Outdoor advertising has a long tradition, also in Poland, where fragments of pre-war painted store signs and advertisements found on building elevations during renovation works are now being carefully restored.

Advertising banner as a store sign and advertisement in a point of sale

Businesses change the range of their services quite often nowadays, and sometimes they need to advertise something quickly. A banner would be better than painted elevation in this case. An advertising banner can also be put up on or near the company office to function as a sign seen from afar, inviting the customers to pay a visit.

Realtors often place them on the elevations of buildings or apartments for sale, while property developers use them to create fences for new projects under construction.

Banner in an event venue

Advertising banners are also put up in venues designed to hold events, public celebrations, conferences, business meetings or trade fairs to emphasize a company’s presence. If a company is the sponsor of the event, a banner is a must.

It allows the attendees to appreciate the company’s support, and it contributes to image building, especially in smaller towns.

Advertising banners
In all conditions!
Are you looking for a banner that will serve both indoors and outdoors?
Our banners will withstand low temperatures as well as prolonged sun exposure.
Advertising banner

Printing a banner – how to make it unique at the design stage

When considering the use of an outdoor advertising banner, focus on the design to make sure it stands out. As major brands do, use such advertising primarily for image-building purposes and limit the information to the necessary minimum.

BIf advertising banners are put up along roads and on fences, a passing driver – a potential customer – has only a few seconds to read the message.

Therefore, pick a distinctive slogan and compelling artwork. Do not exaggerate with the volume of text and avoid presenting a full range of your services. Instead, think of the primary need of the customer and of how your business takes care of it. And place this on the banner, phrased into a neat slogan. The task of appealing visuals will be to complement the message and to attract the eye.

Skilfully positioned in a town or a city, advertising banners impact the shopping decisions of customers. A banner that everyone is talking about has the power of whisper marketing. The information about it will spread like a virus. But to achieve such effects, you need a bold design which is either controversial or visually astonishing. A company that cannot afford to risk an overly creative message may capitalize on the context or frequency of the advertising. The bottom line is that the brand must be stored in the customers’ memory until they have to make a choice.

Printed advertising banners – laminated vs coated

It depends on where the advertising banner is intended to be displayed.

  • Laminated banner with a grammage of 510 g/m2 is cheaper but less durable. It consists of one special base mesh coated (laminated) with plastic layers on which the advertisement will be printed. It is a good solution for indoor space, such as company offices, conferences or trade fairs. As it is less resistant to strong wind, it can be put up outside on large flat surfaces if they adhere, for instance, to walls or building elevations. As it is more rigid that a coated banner and less resistant to lower temperatures, it can be used for outdoor display only for up to six months.
  • Coated banner with a grammage of 450 g/m2 is more resistant and, consequently, more expensive. It is made of PVC, in which the base mesh has been sunk. The mesh is also denser than in the laminated version. Pick this type of banner if you plan to advertise your business in harsher weather conditions and for a longer time. It is more flexible and less sensitive to weather conditions, and an advertisement on such a banner should last up to 3 years.

The online printing shop offers standard banner formats:

  • 3 x 1 m
  • 3 x 1.25 m
  • 3 x 1.5 m
  • 2 x 1 m

You can also pick your own format.

Last but not least, choose the installation method. There are two available options:

  • welding + eyelets every 50 cm
  • flat tunnel around the contour – 10 cm

Banner advertising, if prepared in-house and put up in the available areas, is affordable not only to large corporations but also to small and medium-sized businesses.

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