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Advertising stickers and product stickers – perfect tools for shopping with your eyes

Create your own stickers—without limitations!
Select the shape, size, color, and many more.

Stickers are excellent marketing tools. They are equally perfect for modern, especially eco-friendly packaging, for points of sale with unique products or for service establishments. With stickers, you can place information about special offers directly on products. Last but not least, they provide advertising support in B2B relations.

Product stickers – where a brand wants to build a special image

Young and niche cosmetic or food brands want to show their attachment to environmental values and their ingenuity. They do not want to invest in standard packaging and they often opt for paper packaging with uniform, plain surface. As a result, product brands, branding elements, logos and ingredients lists are featured on the product label. This makes the sticker the most important element of any merchandizing where the product needs to stand out from other products on the shelf by itself.

A sticker with a company logo and information about the contents may be attached to glass packaging. Such stickers can be offered to customers as a standalone product, for example to be put by them on jars with preserves or spices, or they can be used to improve the visual side of company products.

Clothes shops, boutiques and all shops offering clearance sale campaigns should use easy-dot stickers to highlight the products with the best prices. Due to the special adhesive, the stickers are reusable and can be detached from the product without leaving any traces.

Stickers (including the said easy-dot stickers) are a perfect solution wherever simple decorative elements are sought. Food establishments, boutiques, cafés, stores with decorative items – will all benefit from additional stickers to provide product information, visually enhance a manually packed item (for instance a scented candle or a take-out dish) or to creatively decorate a gift.

Advertising stickers

Keep calm and stick to your plan!

Excellent quality which guarantees that what should stick won’t come off.

Stickers like slap tags – brand promotion in business relations

From a niche street art tool, slap tags have entered commercial applications. Advertising stickers are useful whenever a company wants to communicate that it is a modern, creative, young and dynamic business. Ingenious sticker designs, such as slogans, drawings or memes, are often encountered at trade fairs or industry events and end up for instance on the participants’ laptops. Such stickers are an epitome of creativity and laid-back attitude.

They are particularly appreciated by modern businesses from IT and creative industries. They are highly suited for B2B communications.

Stickers with original slogans are gaining popularity. They are a clear and readable signal for the audience that the brand they are dealing with is friendly, ingenious, and has tremendous self-distance. Stickers can come in any shape and size and with a variety of slogans, all this aligned with the corporate identity.

If the elements directly alluding to the brand are discrete and the message is suitable for the audience, the brand may count on additional advertising. Even if the recipient of the sticker does not become the company’s customer but identifies with the message, they are likely to put it on their laptop or board or elsewhere to be visible to others.

Technical stickers in an organization

Another function of stickers is to assist work organization in an office or an industrial plant. Professionally designed work space often requires a uniform IT system. This is yet another area where stickers come in handy. Those may be for example:

  • warning stickers,
  • maintenance labels,
  • floor stickers,
  • masking stickers,
  • sealing stickers, used to secure access and protect a product against opening.

Easy-dot stickers are useful office or industrial solutions wherever stickers need to be moved or removed multiple times without damaging the surface. The special adhesive permits about a dozen such operations.

Customized sticker shapes and sizes

The online printing shop customizes sticker size and shape to match the individual needs of the customer. The permissible sticker sizes are 2 cm to 18.5 cm.
There are 20 different shapes to choose from, and 3 types of base material – matte film, gloss film and transparent film.
With so many configuration possibilities, you will easily come up with a satisfying shape and appearance for advertising stickers or product stickers. You can order from 30 to 100,000 stickers from the online printing shop.

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