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Standard Business Cards

Classics available in just a few clicks!
Proven and risk-free formats, a reliable choice, swift execution.

Standard business cards and more

The Chroma online printing shop has something for everyone. After all, people want to design business cards in a way that matches the nature of their business. The appearance of custom business cards speaks volumes about a company: it presents its corporate identity and, indirectly, also its industry. An engineering company will print business cards different from those ordered by an advertising agency.

Chroma offers the following types of business cards depending on paper:

  • Standard Business Cards
  • Gold Foil Business Cards
  • Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards
  • Multiloft ART Business Cards
  • Multiloft NFC Business Cards
  • Multiloft Magnet Business Cards
  • Swing Tags Business Cards
  • Decorative Paper Business Cards
  • Silver Foil Business Cards
  • Folded Business Cards
  • Square Business Cards
  • Chroma Promoting Business Cards
Standard Business Cards

If the standard is all you need!

A perfect choice for each and every volume. It doesn't matter whether you need the smallest amount or millions of copies — always expect the highest quality and swift execution!

What are business cards? To put it simply, they are printed rectangular pieces of paper with details of their owners. The details usually include the address, phone number and, first of all, the name of the represented company.

Business cards were already known in the 15th century China, where they were used only by state officials. In the modern era, visiting cards appeared several centuries later in France, Germany and other European countries. Even then, they were not well-known. They were reserved mainly for representatives of higher social class and those in power, who had their own rituals connected with exchanging cards.

In time, as democratization progressed, business cards became the basis for all professional relations. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a business meeting without an exchange of business cards.


How can you design business cards?

This depends on the specificity of your company. Let’s draw from the experience of famous creative directors.

Their advice is to remember the human factor and consider everything through the eyes of future product users, starting from the design stage. As far as business cards are concerned, the users are those who will hold them and look at them briefly form a relatively short distance.

The other tip is to avoid overload and visual contradictions. Identity needs to be built consistently.

The third piece of advice: keep in mind that a business card is a very tiny printed object, much smaller than a flyer, poster or calendar. Make sure that no element of your business card design feels out of place as this may create a negative impression for those who receive your business card at a meeting.


Multiloft business cards are not the only option

Business cards are needed by employees of small family businesses and CEOs of global corporations in equal measure. Business cards are exchanged during every new business interaction. They are useful whenever the first impression counts – the impression of contacting a trustworthy professional.

Of course, the whole surroundings contribute to this impression: the interior design of the office, the building, the conduct of the staff. But in the end, we reach for the tiny but significant object – a business card. It must be consistent with the whole branding and corporate identity.

Business cards are so diverse because they are used by thousands of companies from hundreds of various industries. From serious businesses, such as law firms or accounting firms, to ones addressed to young people and engaged in the entertainment industry, such as TV stations. From small family businesses to industrial giants.


Spot gloss business cards, embossed business cards, gold foil business cards

With the Chroma online printing shop, business card printing and configuration is easy and convenient. Your custom business cards may be single-sided or double-sided. They are available in several formats: 85 x 55 mm, 90 x 50 mm, 65 x 65 mm, 85 x 25 mm. You also have to choose paper type: business cards may be matte or glossy.

If you particularly care about prestige, consider luxury business cards (Premium Business Cards on Chroma’s website). Clients usually choose them in combination with print finishing, such as Soft Skin film, gold foil or silver foil. You may opt for spot gloss business cards for a raised effect of 3D embossed business cards.


Express company and personal business cards

Regardless of the business card type and finish, you can order express shipping for all your custom business cards. In the majority of cases, you will receive your express business cards within twenty-four hours. This is because orders for fewer than 2,500 standard business cards are shipped on the order day. Business cards with an additional finish are shipped within one or two days, depending on the order volume.

With the wide range of products, an efficient ordering system and experience of the Chroma online printing shop, it takes just a few minutes to design business cards, whether company or personal. Order business cards to receive a custom product to be used in all business contacts.

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