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Spiral-bound calendars

Classy and classic!
Wall calendars in many formats and sizes. Keep an eye on the time!

If you want your company to be recognized by your customers and partners, provide them with a beautiful and useful advertisement to accompany them all year long. Additionally, you can show them other benefits that come from working with you. A spiral-bound calendar is a highly recommended solution. Create your own calendar to achieve this.

Spiral-bound calendars

Custom calendar – a friendly and desired form of advertising for the whole year

Custom calendars are a non-invasive form of advertising that have practical uses to the customer. Besides, it remains within sight at all times for the owner to enjoy – provided that you have prepared a professional and visually pleasing graphic design printed on a high-quality medium. The Chroma online printing shop allows you to make your design an important distinguishing factor of your brand.

Wall calendars are one of the most popular business gifts. No wonder. You can use it to show your creativity, the strength and prestige of your company, enchant your clients and make them want to see your message around them.

A custom calendar may also be an element of long-term brand communication. There are companies who have turned it into a separate advertising project that changes its meaning and content as the preferences of consumers change.

Spiral-bound calendars build your brand in the long term

The most famous Pirelli calendar evolved from a set of nude photos hanging in car garages to a component of corporate social responsibility activities. It made it from garages to auctions. Its strength always consisted in perfect photographs, prepared specially for the calendar by the most famous photographers.

Many companies have photographed their employees to show their commitment to employer branding. One of the Polish agencies turned a yearly calendar into a two-year project. Every month it printed illustrations prepared by its in-house graphic designers and then sent them to the media and offered them for sale to secure funds for community purposes.

You can also create designs with celebrities to warm up the image of your brand and concurrently use such custom calendars for charity purposes.

Spiral Bound Calendars

It's not a trifle!

A proven option and one of the most popular forms of company promotion.
Customers and Counterparties will spend their time turning calendar pages.
Spiral-bound calendars

Wide range of spiral-bound calendars from

The online printing shop offers you a number of formats to choose from for your custom calendars:

  • A4 – 210 x 297 mm
  • A3 – 297 x 420 mm
  • A2 – 420 x 594 mm
  • B4 – 236 x 336 mm
  • B3 – 336 x 480 mm
  • B2 – 480 x 680 mm
  • 310 x 325 mm
  • 310 x 650 mm
  • 210 x 210 mm

Choose the desired format.

Now decide if you want your custom calendar to consist of 6 or 12 sheets – whether you want every month on a separate sheet (you then choose the one-sided color print) or if you want the print on both sides, with the calendar to be rotated after six months. The latter option is more cost-effective but does not always meet the aesthetic requirements of the design.

For spiral-bound calendars, you have three paper grammages to choose from: 170 g, 250 g and 300 g. In any case, this is art paper, but you need to pick between matte and gloss. This choice depends on the nature of the design. Picture colors may look more vivid and shiny on glossy paper, but this might not be a good solution for artistic illustrations. They benefit from matte paper, which gives them character and prestige.

Depending on the type of paper, choose the finish for your custom calendar. First read about the finish types on the configurator page to prevent a situation where modifications need to be made after the design is ready and the cost has been estimated because the selected finish is not possible for the desired grammage and type of paper.

Before you make the decision about varnishes or other print enhancement methods, think about the cover. Do you want a back cover too or is the front one enough? Do you want the color on both sides of the cover or only on one? When it comes to art paper, you can choose between matt and gloss with a grammage 250 g or 300 g.

Spiral wire is an indispensable element of the calendar. It can be silver, gold, black or white, along either the long side or the short side, depending on the orientation of your custom calendar.

As you create your own calendar on the configurator page, you can also decide whether you want a cardboard underlay and choose the type of calendar pages to be used. For a wide range of calendar pages for spiral-bound calendars, go to Kalendaria.

Spiral-bound calendars

Things to remember if you design a wall calendar

The potential of this advertising medium is vast. There is also a wide range of options to consider as you create your own calendar.

First of all, think about the size of your wall calendar. The factors to consider are the budget, the planned order volume and the characteristics of the target group. If you know where the wall calendar is to hang, in which room and from what distance it will usually be seen, you can establish the size and type of the artwork to be printed. If it is to be displayed in an open space office and is expected to be used by all employees, you may want to consider a larger format. For a smaller office for one person or several people, the format can be smaller.

The theme of the calendar artwork depends on the anticipated audience. A wall calendar resembling the style of the original Pirelli calendar is not a good idea for accounting firms or advertising agencies, to name a few. You may reach for popular designs, such as architecture or landscapes, you may also create your own calendar featuring your staff, office or stories of your business partners. It is all up to you; just remember to keep the artwork consistent with the values of your business or brand.

Spiral-bound calendars

Available finishes

A wall calendar gains character if you choose the correct print finish. You can apply it both to the cover and to individual pages. Finishing enhances the design and makes your spiral-bound calendar look more exclusive and unique.

For a unique impression, use the High Gloss UV varnish in your custom calendar. It contains agents that ensure maximum light reflection attainable in print. Furthermore, High Gloss UV makes the colors of the poster elements to which it is applied brighter and more vivid.

If you are unable to decide whether you prefer a high-gloss or matte effect, pick Drip Off varnish. It gives your custom poster a palpable coarse texture but also provides a little gloss.

Other finish options available from Chroma include coatings with gloss or matte film or with Soft Skin film. Before you create your own calendar, read about the available finishes as it depends on the type and grammage of the paper – whether for the cover or the calendar pages.

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