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Slide binding calendars – make your own calendar

If you're born to be hanged...
you'd better be availble in six formats and have an inserted hanger. Just like our calendars.

Calendars are an elegant and non-invasive form of advertising and building relations with customers and business partners. They may be used as an element of employer branding.

A wall calendar is a decorative element perfect for office space. Especially where offices have not been specifically designed by interior designers, and you want to make them more people-friendly.

A special type of calendar is slide binding calendar, also known as a poster calendar, reinforced at the top and bottom and featuring appealing artwork. It has decorative functions and visually enhances the walls of an office or workplace.

Slide binding calendars also have practical advantages – with just one glance, you can see the calendar for the whole year (or six months, depending on whether it is single-sided or double-sided). You can highlight the dates important for the company or take one look to assess the periods dedicated to various company projects.

Slide binding calendars

Match the illustration on your custom calendar to your target group

On a poster calendar, an important role is played by the artwork. As it accompanies the employees all year long, it should be carefully selected and have matching branding elements. A large picture of perfect quality, specially designed artwork – those elements, visible for at least six months, remind people about your brand and remind them about you when your services are needed.

As you create your own calendar, take into account the expectations of the target group. Consider the average size of the room where they work and the nature of the room – whether it is visited by clients or serves the employees only. Arrange color intensity to prevent the calendar from dominating the space.

While designing your custom calendar, avoid too controversial or too humorous subjects. The latter may seem boring after a month and a visual joke seen all the time ceases to be funny after a while. Landscapes, exquisite photographs of nature and sophisticated nude pictures are popular calendar themes. For the latter, remember that not all workplace rules allow them.

A professionally prepared slide binding calendar should have an excellent quality of print and design that discretely conveys the values of the brand. Create your own calendar with the online printing shop to guarantee that result.

Slide binding calendars

Just use your imagination!

A proven idea for a promotional gift that will remind people about your services and products throughout the year.

Design a slide binding calendar – what should you consider?

As you create your own calendar, think whether it should be single- or double-sided. This determines the printing choices – whether you want the color applied on both sides of the poster or on one side only. For a single-sided custom calendar, you can also choose black only to obtain a monochromatic poster which may in some instances give an impression of a minimalistic exclusive design.

Poster calendars are securely reinforced at the top and at the bottom. To make your own calendar, choose the orientation – either vertical or horizontal. Depending on your choice, the strips will be attached to either the long or the short sides of your custom calendar.

Pick one of the following formats:

  • A1 – 594 x 841 mm
  • A2 – 420 x 594 mm
  • A3 – 297 x 420 mm
  • B1 – 680 x 980 mm
  • B2 – 480 x 680 mm
  • 330 x 980 mm

Print your slide binding calendar on matte or gloss art paper of a grammage 170 g or 300 g. Think also about the finishing. You can choose between High Gloss UV and Drip Off, with both varnishes used to highlight certain elements of an image. This is an excellent solution especially for single-sided calendars printed in black and white. Finishing enhances any raw design and reinforces the impression of luxury.

The tinning strip is also important. The configurator offers three types:

  • silver
  • white
  • black

Pick a strip to match the design prepared by the graphic artist. Choose the most suitable variant so that your wall calendar does not look like a set of accidental elements that do not match one another.

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