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Through years of improvement, we have grown along with the needs of our customers. Today, Chroma Printing House presents a refreshed design. We invite you to discover the new face of our brand.

Welcome to Chroma - a printing house that steps into the future, driven by a passion for uniqueness and innovation.


Our company is not just a place where we print - it is a place where we create. We are proud of our commitment to the uniqueness of each project, regardless of its scale or complexity.


Our secret? It's not only modern machines or extensive experience. It is also our constant determination to be a leader in the industry. We transform market requirements into challenges that we face with full commitment. Thanks to this, we can proudly ensure the highest quality, even in the case of the most demanding projects.


We constantly strive to exceed expectations. Our approach is based on continuous development and commitment to ecological standards. We know that the modern market requires more than just standard solutions - and that's exactly what we offer. Every client counts for us - from small companies to corporations. If you are looking for a partner who shares your vision and is committed to implementing your ideas, we are for you.

Why we change

We want our visual identification and communication to be even closer to the innovation, quality and dynamics that we offer.

Mapping innovation

We want to better represent our commitment to modern technologies and innovative solutions in the printing industry.

Increasing Recognition

By refreshing our brand, we aim to strengthen our competitive position on the market and increase recognition among customers.

Highlighting Quality

The rebranding aims to even better emphasize the high quality of the services and products we offer, responding to the growing expectations of customers.

Customer service has always been our priority

Our commitment to customer service is the foundation of our business.


Possibility of ordering professional advertising materials in an easy and pleasant way.


Production can be ordered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, providing flexibility for customers.


The system, instructions, pilot materials and knowledge base suggest how to go through the subsequent stages of configuration and ordering.


The latest technologies in the service of orders - we are the only company that has a print preview and the revolutionary CHROMA Upload 3D tool.


We always clearly state the delivery time and our free courier delivery is really free!


For years, we have been consistently and systematically working to improve environmental efficiency, as well as analyze the impact on the environment and limit it.

Design and its refreshment

Chroma, a leader in innovation in the field of printing, is pleased to present its renewed face. The new design of our brand combines the tradition of printing crafts with a modern approach that speaks to today's customer needs.

Fresh colors, refreshed typography and modernized layouts are just the beginning of the journey on which we invite our clients to create the history of the future of printing together.

Visual communication

By introducing unique graphic elements, the uniform image of the company now becomes more modern and memorable. These changes are not just a refresh of the identification, but a well-thought-out strategy that aims to better engage our current and future customers.


Chroma is made by people. We want to emphasize that each of us is an indispensable part of this community spirit. The choice of turquoise as the symbol of our organization was not accidental. Turquoise symbolizes not only our uniqueness, but also openness. In our turquoise organization, everyone has a place and importance.


We are professionals, but also a supportive community. For our company, choosing illustrations is not only a matter of aesthetics, but above all, adding humanity and warmth. Thanks to them, our projects come to life and become more friendly and accessible to our clients.


We focus on quality, which is the foundation of our business. Our products are not just products, they are expressions of our commitment to excellence.

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