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Raised Spot Gloss Flyers – deepen the customers’ physical contact with your brand

An effect you can feel!
Select a finishing that will enrich your project with a noticeable texture.

Flyers are advertising materials of relatively small sizes printed for marketing purposes. Their most important function is to present an offer and encourage potential customers to make a purchase.

Flyers with finishing – gold foil flyers, silver foil flyers, Soft Skin coated flyers or raised spot gloss flyers – may not be intended for mass applications but they are perfect for high-end or upper-mainstream uses, where just the appearance of advertising materials should be a testament to the quality of what you have to offer. The appearance of your marketing flyers should also build your image as a trustworthy brand offering high-quality products or services.

As you can see, flyers are more than just simple sets of retail information. In many cases, they communicate the value of your company. Print flyers of high quality to enhance this impact. And quality and professionalism are guaranteed if you use the services of the online printing shop.

Raised Spot Gloss Flyers

Marketing flyer in the process of building customer experience

Print flyers of the right quality to build your image and contribute to the holistic customer experience. Use custom flyers to present and promote your brand.

Customer experience is currently one of the most important strategic directions in marketing. Consumers are encouraged to use all of their senses to explore the world of the brand and its special, unique qualities.

Despite the development of the Internet and information technology, people remain physical beings. They need not only visual stimuli, but they also need to hear, touch, smell or even taste the world. You cannot get rid of this baggage. But you can use it to your advantage to build your brand position.

Print flyers with finishing to deepen the customers’ physical contact with your brand for better customer experience. Use spot gloss to give your flyers a palpable effect and structure.

Marketing flyers

You have a great many options to choose from...

Decide which elements are to be coated with Raised Spot Gloss varnish.
Feasible line thickness coverage begins with 1 point, everything depends on you!

What elements can you enhance spot gloss?

Before you print flyers with this type of finish, think a few issues over.

Spot gloss gives your flyers a unique structure and raises some elements of the surface. Think which elements you would like to highlight with spot gloss at the stage of designing your custom flyers. You may use it to bring out the most important elements of your printed flyers or as a standalone decorative element.

Just remember that abundance of raised UV coated elements or an overly large surface covered with the finish will not look elegant or classy. As the name suggests, spot gloss looks best if it is applied only on selected elements of the designs, to be felt by the customer when touched.

Raised Spot Gloss Flyers

Flawless surface!

Decide whether you want to apply raised spot gloss varnish to highlight the most important elements or wheter you prefer to use it for purely esthetic reasons.
We guarantee the highest quality!
Advertising flyers with finishing

What do you need to know while preparing an advertising flyer with spot gloss?

If you are planning to apply spot gloss, use 250, 300 or 350 g/m2 art paper.

Print flyers in one of the following formats:

  • A3 flyer – 297 x 420 mm
  • A4 flyer – 210 x 297 mm
  • A5 flyer – 148 x 210 mm
  • A6 flyer – 105 x 148 mm
  • A7 flyer – 74 x 105 mm
  • DL flyer – 99 x 210 mm
  • 198 x 210 mm flyer

If you want to apply spot gloss, cover your printed flyers with Soft Skin film on both sides to make them soft and pleasant to the touch.

You may use extra finishing on the same flyer – either gold foil or silver foil (but not both). Just apply them on parts of the flyer other than those to be enhanced with spot gloss.

During the design stage, remember that less is more – the effect will be better if the finish is just the cherry on top rather than covering the majority of your custom flyer. The function of a finish is to make your printed flyers elegant and tasteful and not to overload them with effects. Any exaggeration is undesired.

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