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Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards (UV varnish)

Feel the difference!
Let your touch guide your choices with a tangible 3D structure.

Do people still need business cards with print finishing? They do. It can be even claimed that raised spot gloss business cards are especially needed nowadays.

Raised spot gloss business card – a part of a social and business ritual

All business cards are an element of the ritual of meeting new people, introducing yourself, making the first impression. This usually happens in a professional setting as you come to a meeting or establish relations with future business partners during conferences, meetings or trade fairs. The basic objective is to provide the other party with information about you, primarily about:

  • your job position with the company,
  • your contact details, such as phone number and e-mail address.

Someone could say that you can achieve this by giving the other person the simplest printed piece of thick paper. But they would be mistaken.

After all, a business card has another primary goal, in addition to providing information: to make the desired impression and to ensure that the person giving the business card will be remembered by the recipient. This is even harder to achieve if we consider the plethora of meetings, e-mails, social media notifications and the number of new encounters starting with the exchange of business cards.

In other words, business cards of your company should be easy to remember and at the same time elegant.

Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards

3D from A to Z!

Follow our detailed file preparation guidelines.
Underline and feature what needs to be underlined and featured and the effect will speak for itself.

Raised spot gloss business cards stand out

Spot gloss applied on printed paper turns a card into an embossed business card. It is a type of print finishing designed to enhance the visual effect of the product. The additional spot gloss layer gives your UV business card a palpable structure.

Printed business cards which the recipients may hold in their hands and touch the raised elements become more powerfully imprinted on their memory than regular flat business cards. This is because materials that are embossed:

  • concurrently stimulate vision and touch,
  • activate the human brain in the sphere responsible for spatial orientation.

How raised spot gloss business cards work through touch

We live in a touch-deprived society. Shopping and relations connected with gift-giving are among the few occasions where we explore the physical nature of the world with our hands.

What do you think, why are tables with clothes in fashion chain stores positioned in those exact places? So that we can see the clothes earlier? No, so that we can touch them.

Plenty of unplanned purchases result from multi-sensory stimuli which became effectively imprinted on our memory. They work through smell, hearing and touch. Believe it or not, but the same applies to business cards.

Just as customers need to check a product before they buy it, newly met business partners must check the business card they have just received. However, does a raised spot gloss business card differ from a regular business card? The former one stands out and is remembered better. Even if the recipient is unaware of that.

Raised spot gloss business cards – where prestige matters

Business cards build the prestige of their owners and their companies. Raised spot UV business cards are perfect for companies in the design business and in creative industries. Such as fashion, interior design, luxury products, advertising agencies.

We choose products from those industries based on emotions, mood and appearance. The employee qualities valued in those industries include creativity and thinking outside the box. So a properly designed luxury business card with a print finish is a perfect solution.

Raised spot gloss business cards (UV 3D business cards) are less typical and more exclusive. The embossing highlights selected elements on your business card to make them more memorable.

Raised print is perfect if the business card has large fonts. This way, you can emphasize a graphic sign, the full name of the owner or contact details. Raised spot UV business cards combine the trendy minimalism with raised elements for an individual style of your printed business card.

They say that you have only one chance at the first impression. The same applies to business. Raised spot gloss business cards help you make the desired impression on a prospective client or business partner. After the end of the meeting, your raised spot UV business card will act as a worthy printed ambassador for you.

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