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Presentation folders

Show your best side.
Start with a folder and finish with a long-lasting collaboration!

With high-quality presentation folders, you can create holistic and comprehensive business proposals for your clients. People say not to judge a book by its cover. What is meant by this old saying is that we should not judge people by their looks if we do not know them well enough. However, this does not apply to business: a cover, in this case, a presentation folder, is the primary factor contributing to an opinion.

After all, people risk their own money in business. So they are more willing to engage with someone who has an appropriate reputation. And reputation is built through trust, experience and signals that the transaction partner has the means to keep their end of the deal. Consequently, all signs showing you as a credible prospective partner are of significance.

What do presentation folders, catalogues or business cards have to do with this?

Some might say that it is only the company's business history, expertise and the skills of its staff that matter. But this would be only partially true. Signals such as corporate identity show that the entity treats their obligations as a prospective client or business partner seriously.
After all, anyone who has invested their time and money to prepare visually pleasing materials has long-term business plans. If they have incurred expenditures, they will pay attention to detail in order not to lose the trust and reputation they have built.
Presentation folders

Your company or institution also needs to take care of its reputation

presentation folders

Even if it has been in the market for a long time, it cannot rest on its laurels because if it does, the competition is bound to take advantage. So you need printed business cards for your employees, catalogs, calendars, or notebooks – any company gadgets that improve brand awareness if designed according to a uniform visual concept.

These indispensable products include presentation folders to properly bind your business proposals. When it comes to content, the primary emphasis is on figures, data, business solutions and technical tools. But not just that. For a professional impression, data need to be bound properly. Your folder has to stand out from the stack of other folders piling up on the client’s desk.

Presentation folders

Details do matter!

A book shouldn't be judged by its cover but a company by its folder — why not!
Available finishings: matte and glossy foil, raised spot gloss varnish. There is also a special spot for your business card.

Presentation folders are more than just image-building for your organization

They are also functional tools to help you present the proposal. Inside a folder printed in the Chroma online printing shop, there is a space for a business card of the company representative submitting the proposal. This way the representative does not have to search for it – everything is in one place, within reach.

Chroma offers presentation folders printed on matte art paper in three formats:

  • standard 1-fold
  • standard 2-fold
  • standard+ 2-fold
presentation folders

Presentation folder with finishing – an even better impression

If you want to impress a potential client even more, consider print finishing. This means that the surface of the print can be coated with substances and materials for better visual effects and higher print durability.

Chroma offers three finishing types for presentation folders. The first one is a film coating, where the print is coated with translucent film. There are two variants available for presentation folders:

  • gloss film
  • matte film

Gloss film is more expressive while the matte variant is more subdued.

Another finishing type is selective UV varnish for a raised effect. It gives the enhanced elements additional palpable structure. Selective varnish may raise the company logo, picture or other elements marked by the graphic designer.

A dozen presentation folders are too few for you?

If your company has a lot of clients or a number of branches in geographically different parts of Poland or Europe, Chroma may print up to 10,000 folders in a short time.

Presentation folders are an excellent solution for B2B relations in various industries, for instance, for design companies, law firms, marketing departments, advertising agencies, research agencies, accounting firms, or consultancy companies. Properly printed presentation folders are also perfect for B2C models, where businesses need to build relations with the consumer, such as banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, and employment agencies.

Do you have any questions in relation to ordering presentation folders? Do you have a non-standard order? Do you need advice to impress your customers even more? Visit and contact the customer service office available in the “Contact” section by phone or by email.

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