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Premium Folded Flyers

Everything what a professional needs!
A wide range of formats, folding types, and finishings for the WOW effect.

Imagine a prestigious event, such as a gala, a wedding reception, a conference, an award ceremony where invitations are only sent by e-mail. Would it be quick? Cost-effective? Effortless?

The answer to all those questions is affirmative. However, such an invitation would not be recommended. The easy way is not always the most effective one. Sometimes you need to make more effort and prepare something special – something truly premium.

For the most prestigious and elegant events, hosts must show that they care about the guests. That they will go to great lengths to make them feel appreciated. A board member of a large company invited to an automotive event may feel disregarded if he receives an invitation simply by e-mail or through a social media message.

A printed invitation is something completely different. A message is perceived as more important if it is printed on elegant paper. Premium flyers reach only those for whom they were prepared and as such they receive special attention.

Premium Folded Flyers

Keep an eye on everything!

You don't have to just imagine your design — thanks to CHROMA 3D
Upload you can simultaneously configure the product and preview the final effect!

Well configured premium folded flyers

Premium folded flyers are the best choice if you want to prepare an elegant invitation, a personalized greeting card or another prestigious printed material. Due to the wide range of potential events, the Chroma online printing shop offers broad configuration possibilities and a number of finishing types for your flyer printing.

Your custom flyers can be folded as follows:

  • in half
  • Z-shaped
  • C-shaped
  • zigzag
  • in half and again in half

They are also available in twelve different formats: You can choose A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 of DL for your printed flyers. Depending on the nature of the event for which you are preparing your folded flyers, pick the paper with the best grammage.

  • art paper 170 g
  • art paper 250 g
  • art paper 300 g

All the available paper types can be ordered as either matte or gloss. The maximum available order volume is 1,000,000 copies.

Premium Folded Flyers

Practically artistic!

CHROMA configurator lets you create flyers that will fill you with esthetic delight.
Distinguish your project by applying matte or glossy foil, individualize it with spot UV varnish!

Premium flyers with finishing

Finishing is very important if you opt for premium folded flyers. It makes your custom flyers match the atmosphere of the prestigious event. Spot gloss is a good example. This is a type of print finish designed to enhance the visual effect of the product. Applied on your folded flyers, it turns them into embossed flyers.

The spot gloss layer applied on an invitation leaves an extra palpable structure. You can use it to bring out the key elements of your printed flyers: logo, signature, artwork. The printing technology opens new possibilities for the designer.

Do you want your flyers to be resistant to damage, tearing and other adverse conditions? Use film coating. With this finish, their premium esthetics will last much longer.

You can see the effects of such work by uploading files with a 3D preview. This is a system for the visualization of graphic files that allows you to generate previews. It shows how the product, for instance your custom flyer, will be folded once printed.

Premium Folded Flyers

All advantages of premium flyer printing

Standard marketing flyers allow you to communicate with a wide audience. You can include several different messages on one flyer.

Premium folded flyers represent a special type of flyers. Multiple configuration possibilities open possibilities for creative solutions. Premium flyer printing is a reliable way of reaching particularly important recipients. Communicate with them using sophisticated artwork that represents minimalism and timeless elegance.

With such advantages, your premium flyers printed by the Chroma online printing shop will be a consistent part of any exclusive event and are bound to be appreciated by its participants.

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