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One-month reference calendars – build the image of a practical and efficient brand

It's high time to be on time!
Improved legibility and space saving in one product!
You can choose between a standard and a premium version with a laminated head. Whatever you desire!

Custom calendars are excellent year-end business gifts. This way, the client, business partner or employee has a non-invasive advertisement of the giver in front of them all year long. Before choosing the calendar design, think about the values and the products and services offered by your brand so that the calendar complements them in a consistent way.

If a company offers products or services that are primarily functional and cost-effective, give your clients a one-month reference calendar..

A custom calendar of this type is in itself a message: it says that your company wants to make the client’s work easier, strives to satisfy their organizational needs and appreciates the importance of savings and efficient budget management. Your company does not offer fireworks (though it can afford to design visually pleasing artwork to complement the calendar) but understands the value of time and money.

One-Month Reference Calendars

Make your own calendar to assist daily planning

If you want to create your own calendar, the online printing shop offers you a number of formats to choose from for your one-month reference calendars:

  • 480 x 320 mm with a flat top panel
  • 520 x 320 mm with a thick top panel

What is the difference? The thick top panel is more decorative and complements your custom calendar in a compelling way. The flat top panel has practical values, and the final effect depends entirely on the design. It offers cost savings.

For both formats, the back is made of 300 g/m2 cardboard, while the top panel of the thick option is made of 300 g/m2 matte art paper. For both one-month reference calendar types, you can choose from the following four colors of date windows: red, green, navy blue or black.

A calendar page is a crucial element of a one-month reference calendar. In saddle-stitched calendars or slide binding calendars, where special attention is paid to the decorative aspect, the calendar page is of lesser importance. For those types of custom calendars, you want the brand to communicate slightly different values through the design. When you wish to emphasize simplicity, functionality and customer experience, choose a one-month reference calendar (or a three-month reference calendar).

Consider also the target group and their workplace. If they have to do a lot of planning on a daily basis, if they work in small offices and should show that they are both busy and practical, such a calendar may help them achieve that goal. It will show the clients that they value order and the support of their business partners.

Whether in three- or one-month reference calendars, the calendar pages play an important part – they must provide space for notes and be clearly visible. Make your own calendar using sample designs of 2021 calendar pages on .

One-Month Reference Calendars

Gives wing to advertisements!

A perfect idea for a promotional gadget that will remain useful for a whole year! A proven form of advertising services and products!
Due to prearranged calendar pages and mockups you will easily configure your ideal calendar design with one-month reference.
Top panel of a one-month reference calendar

Space for branding elements and contact details

The top panel should be used to communicate the important branding elements of the giver. As you make your own calendar, use that space to print artwork that presents you in good light and your contact details. They should discretely complement the graphic design so that the recipient of your one-month reference calendar knows where to find you if they need your services.

A custom calendar of this kind is also the most accessible work management tool not only for the recipient but also for their associates. It provides them with information about the planned activities, and if it features the details of the company that sent it, it serves as a business card – only clearer and more accessible than the one in the business card holder.

One-Month Reference Calendars

Symbol of functionality and excellent customer experience

If you pay attention to customer experience and want to assure the customer of it, pick a one-month reference calendar. A legible calendar page and subtle artwork emphasize the practical dimension of the gift.
A one-month reference calendar means wall space savings and as such will be practical, especially in small rooms. The calendar page is highly readable and leaves plenty of space for notes, and as such perfectly complements other planning tools.

Finishing for one-month reference calendars with flat top panels

The back of such custom calendars can be coated with matte or gloss film or with selective UV varnish. Remember that in the latter case, only matte film applies.

You can also decide not to use any finishing.

Finishing for one-month reference calendars with thick top panels

In the case of those calendars, the finishing applies to the top panel only and, as above, you can choose between gloss and matte film. When you pick selective UV varnish, you can also use matte film.

Order special envelopes for both types of your custom calendars to send them to your clients or business partners or to give them to your employees.

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