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Multiloft NFC Business Cards

Technology within your business card!
A combination of traditional usage and hi-tech achievements.

Everyone knows what a business card is. But what is a Multiloft NFC business card? A regular business card is a printed piece of paper which, as could be expected, has not changed much for the past centuries. Initially in China, and later also in Europe, people started to use personal visiting cards and business cards.

But this unchangeability is only on the surface. Business cards actually keep changing all the time. The process continues due to the development of printing technologies and the growing finish options, such as film coating, spot gloss, gold foil or silver foil.

The recent years have also shown the impact of IT technologies on business cards. And this does not apply just to printing machines but increasingly often also to the products offered to customers. A Multiloft NFC business card is a good example – a business card that “says more”. It is a combination of print and state-of-the-art technologies.

Multiloft NFC Business Cards

Data encoded!

Microchip, hidden between 4 layers of paper, is an invitation to interact and a data storage medium. Just scan the chip using widely available apps and discover what has been hidden.
It's time to use your smartphone!
Multiloft NFC – configuration

Configure your NFC in a Multiloft business card

While ordering Multiloft business cards, you can choose your own NFC configuration. The following data can be encoded:

  • website
  • geolocation
  • business card
  • text
  • e-mail:
  • phone

The business cards come in two formats:

  • 85 x 55 mm
  • 90 x 50 mm

Available Multiloft NFC filling colors:

  • orange
  • white
  • yellow
  • pink
  • turquoise
  • green
  • black
  • red
  • violet
Multiloft NFC

Print business cards that follow the latest trends

First of all, nowadays, it is popular to use smartphones all the time and everywhere. This is important considering the fact that Internet consumption on mobile devices is growing at the expense of all other media. You can see this, for instance, in public transport: on buses, trams, trains. Almost all passengers stare at their smartphone screens most of the time rather than looking out of the window (where they could see billboards) or reading books or newspapers.

In such conditions, Multiloft NFC business cards will build an image of your company as a modern organization. This is particularly important for enterprises where IT is one of the elements of the business. And since software developers now often work for companies whose primary business has nothing to do with technologies, Multiloft NFC business cards are an excellent solution for basically any industry.

Multiloft NFC

Modernity worth its price

As research shows, consumers nowadays trust technology companies the most. First of all, because they create compelling designs, stimulate the imagination, represent modernity and progress. There is also a more mundane reason: they create products that work and actually make life easier. With the Multiloft NFC business cards offered by Chroma, your company can follow that trend even if it is not a typical tech company.

We must admit – Multiloft NFC business cards are more expensive than other options in this product category: than plastic business cards, film-coated business cards or embossed business cards. But the solution is worth it.

  • First of all, it builds the image of your company as a modern organization, which attracts clients and talent.
  • Secondly, a Multiloft NFC business card has the capacity to streamline the work of the whole team as it combines two functions. It is both an object that helps establish business relations and a data storage device. And many people believe that data is the most important currency in modern business.
Multiloft NFC Business Cards

A business card worth more than a thousand words!

The top choice for fans of modernity, custom-made gadgets and unique experience – it fits into current trends and consumer behavior.
We do everything with our smartphones, why not read business cards with them?

Multiloft NFC – why does this business card say more?

The NCF technology used by Chroma stands for ‘Near Field Communications’. It means such radio communication that allows wireless exchange of data at a short distance, not longer than 8 inches. In simpler terms, contact between two devices with embedded NFC technology permits rapid data transfer.

This is the same technology like the one we use in stores for contactless payments on a daily basis. It is now also available in Multiloft business cards from the Chroma online printing shop. The business card microchip is hidden between four layers of paper. It interacts with devices and stores the recorded data. All you need to do is scan the chip using generally available smartphone applications.

It's good to know more!

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