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Letterhead paper – let the client see the character of your brand

A professional display of letters and documents

Today, business correspondence takes place mainly online. This is obvious in the era dominated by digital communication. More special is a message sent in a palpable form, especially if it is written on carefully chosen letterhead stationery reflecting the nature of the brand.

Letterhead paper

Conduct traditional correspondence in a professional way

Due to letterhead paper your company will distinguish itself from others.
Letterhead paper

What do you want to communicate about yourself? Include this in the paper print design

company paper

Regardless of the text of the message, letterhead paper is designed according to a certain standard. It always contains the brand logo and the name of the company. This may be accompanied by a motto or a claim. These elements are usually featured in the upper part of the layout.

The bottom section is often the footer, with all important company details, such as its physical and electronic address, hotline number, other contact options. This area may also include other graphic elements, such as:

  • symbols of the awards and certificates received by the company,
  • logos of renowned associations of which the company is a member,
  • symbols of the campaigns (especially social campaigns) managed or supported by the company.

Depending on how the above elements are arranged, the effect will be either formal or unconventional, which also says something about the brand. And so the text can be:

  • a layout which is aligned to the center, of the key branding elements and contact details, invokes associations with a large, robust, recognized, and more traditional company
  • when it is aligned to the left, it may build an image of a younger company, perhaps not so developed yet but dynamic and with a partnership-oriented attitude.

The alignment does not have to apply to all visual details of the letterhead paper, but the direction usually remains unchanged – to the left. Why? This is because of how the human brain processes visual stimuli.

Letterhead paper

Are you writing a letter to a client? The paper will help you stand out

Nowadays, consumers are flooded with emails, text messages or instant messages. This makes them feel trapped, and they wish they could stop them coming at least for a moment.
However, communications sent on paper, much rarer nowadays, invoke completely different responses. They are by default considered more important and received at a more personal level.

Paper may accept everything but still make sure to properly arrange the elements on your letterhead paper

As we most likely remember from school biology lessons, the optic nerves that transmit stimuli from our eyeballs to the brain cross over. As a result, our left brain hemisphere receives stimuli from the right eye and the right hemisphere from the left one.

What is the specificity of human brain hemispheres?

The left one, considered the analytical one, is specialized in processing more complex written stimuli. The right one, more expert at synthesizing, is better at decoding any types of images.

What are the consequences?

If the brand logo, which is a graphic mark, was positioned on letterhead paper to the right of the text section, it would be received primarily by the right eye of the reader. It would be transmitted to the left brain hemisphere, which is not too good at this. At the same time, the right hemisphere (the more image-oriented one) would be trying to process the text part of the message because of the stimulus coming from the left eye.

If the graphic sign and the text are not too complex, the message would, of course, be understood. But the general reception and impression would be worse. There is a risk that the reader would neither absorb the content of the letter quickly and efficiently nor the remember the logo.

This has been proven in research conducted by cognitive psychologists in the 1990s. The general rule is: If you want to make sure your logo is well received in materials including both text and graphic elements, position it either:

  • to the right of the image (visual),
  • to the left of the text.
company paper

Elegance, reliability, eco-sensitivity – all this in letterhead paper

Do you care about climate change and corporate environmental impact? Excellent, because with, you will print your letterhead stationery on either woodfree preprint paper or recycled paper, both with a grammage of 90 g.
You can choose one of the six most popular formats: A3, A4, A5, A6, DL and 198 x 210 mm. Our printing shop may also cut the paper to a non-standard format. The printing limit is from 50 to a million sheets.

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