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Printed folded invitations – classic and elegant

We won't fold our arms and say it cannot be done, we are going to fold your eye-catching invitations!
We would like to invite you to make a good first impression and achieve roaring success!

Are you planning an engagement party or a wedding reception? Perhaps you are celebrating the anniversary of your marriage or relationship, or you have a child who is about to celebrate their First Communion this year? Or maybe your company has a jubilee?

Whatever the occasion, you want to invite the people you care about to join you in those special moments. Do this by printing folded invites from

Folded Invitation Cards

Elegant but also creative

Regardless of the occasion for which you are choosing the invitations, let your imagination run free. The highest emotions are evoked by designs that reflect the individual nature of the event and its protagonist(s).

So go for out-of-the-box solutions. Configure perfect folded invitations yourself according to your own ideas on You can decide how much space will be occupied on your invites by color and how much by classic black print.

The charm of classic folded invitations

Such an invitation will be a beautiful memento for those who choose to keep it. Grandparents, godparents or other family members will re-open it one day with a swoosh to relive the atmosphere of that special day.
Choose a design and quality that will make an incredible expression time after time. With Chroma, you are bound to succeed.
Folded Invitation Cards

Pick the paper and finish carefully

Your loved ones may be enchanted by silver, golden touches, film solutions and UV 3D varnish on certain elements of the print. You may also surprise them with the velvety feel of the Soft Skin coating film

or print invitations on felted paper. For example:

  • with Rives Dot paper , you can feel millions of fine dots under your fingers,
  • Rives Sensation Tactile woodfree paper has a silky surface, and a luxury feel to it,
  • metallized Stardream Silver paper may be another excellent idea for invitation cards,
  • just like the eco-friendly slightly coarse Keaykolour Snow White.
  • To those who love simple classics, Chroma offers a range of art papers, either matte or gloss.
Folded Invitation Cards

Now just fold the invites and put them in envelopes

The available formats for folded invitations are: A5, A6, DL or 150 x 150 mm. For rectangular shapes, the sheet can be folded either along the short side or along the long side. In any case, remember that the format stated in the printing house’s product configurator is the size after folding. So the format of the sheet will be several times larger than the format of your choice, depending on the selected fold type.

Do you prefer a two-fold or a “C” fold invitation? The latter is a fold type where first the right and then the left wing of the sheet is folded towards the middle. Chroma offers both fold types.

Time for the envelope – it can be translucent or white.

Folded Invitation Cards

Join the fun!

Have fun with different configuration settings. Try them all!
Select the paper type, format, colors, finishings, and even add an optional envelope if needed.

Is the event date approaching? Do not worry – your invitations will be printed on time

Life can surprise us, and we are not always lucky enough to have plenty of time for preparations. Did you plan a big birthday party this year but later changed your mind? Were you taken by surprise when your company received an industry award and had to plan a huge banquet as a result? You can still have special invitations printed for all those whom you would like to join you in the celebrations.

The orders placed on the Chroma website are processed surprisingly easily and quickly. The minimum limit is 50 invitations, and the maximum volume is 20,000. You can start sending them very soon because an order placed before 4 p.m. on a working day is ready the next day (for up to 500 invitations) or on the next working day (500-20,000 invitations).

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