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Folded Business Cards – products with a special mission!

Simple solution to give you four instead of two pages!

If you want your business card to present the standard minimum information, the traditional rectangular or square card is enough for you. Just make sure the quality and design convey the spirit of your company and industry. You can achieve this with the configurator of the Chroma online printing shop. But if you want your business cards to serve a special purpose, consider folded business cards.

The folding operation follows such paper preparation that prevents any undesired paper bends after folding. With this specialized but essentially simple solution, you gain twice as much space.

Folded Business Cards

Expect more from your business card!

Design and print your carnet or your gift card.
Draw attention, distinguish yourself, attract Customers.

How can you take advantage of folded business cards?

It is common nowadays to try to derive several benefits from one activity, in line with the saying “kill two birds with one stone.” Things are no different when it comes to business meetings. The first stage of a meeting consists of general introductions, building a connection with the partners, and leaving a tangible memento. A traditional double-sided business card is perfect for that.

You can order such double-sided business cards, whether in a standard, gold foil, silver foil or spot gloss (UV spot varnish) version, printed on decorative paper or on creative Multiloft cardboard, where you can use a magnet (Multiloft Magnet) or even a data storage device (Multiloft NFC).

But there is nothing to prevent you from using your business meeting to advertise your services more directly. This must be done in a way that is neither aggressive or blatant, but that engages the recipient by presenting benefits matching his or her specific needs.

A folded business card meets those requirements by also becoming a kind of gift card. You can write the name of the recipient by hand during the meeting on the third page of the business card, with your contact details on the first page. The result will be a fully personalized form of contact and advertisement at the same time.

Folded Business Cards

A small form of advertising that can be ordered for production in just a few minutes.

Select one of two available formats, opt for both-side printing — combine the functionality of a business card with this form of advertisement.

Business card as a place to collect points and stamps – folded business card

Every country records unwavering interest in various loyalty programs where you collect graphic confirmations of your visits or purchases. A specific number of points can be exchanged for benefits – usually discounts or free products.

Folded business cards are very good places for such stamps or stickers. This kind of coupon is basically the best possible business card as it:

  • has a practical function,
  • can accompany the owner in numerous situations (will not end up at the bottom of the business card holder),
  • is taken out and presented in social situations, with many other potential customers looking at it.

Folded business card printing - a few simple steps towards maximized benefits

The Chroma online printing shop offers folded business cards in two functional formats:

  • 170 x 55 mm folded to 85 x 55 mm
  • 135 x 55 mm folded to 90 x 55 mm

This means that the length of the front and the back page of a folded business card can be the same or the front page can be shorter, and the back page will be partially visible from behind. It is up to you which variant you choose.

Just remember that you need to take the folding method into account in your graphic design. What are you going to present instantly and what is to be left hidden under the folded wing? This leaves plenty of room for your creativity.

The paper choice will be simple – elegant thicker matte art paper 350 g. Afterwards, once you have chosen the double-sided print, your configuration is almost finished. You just need to specify how many folded business cards you want printed. The order volume limits are 250-100,000 business cards.

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