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Desk pad calendars

It’s more than just a printed calendar. It is a tool to help you manage your time in both your private and professional life.

A computer and a smartphone can be found on the desk of every employee. The screens can be complemented by a desk pad calendar. It offers a completely different experience than clicking a laptop mouse or touching a smartphone screen – it is a physical object. First of all, in a way, it merges with the surroundings.

This is important because your company desk is your own space at work. It is where the private and professional spheres meet. Your desk can hold pictures of your family, a coffee mug, company catalogues, a box with the business cards of your business partners or notebooks. Desk pad calendars do not occupy a lot of space, and one glance is enough to see all the information they contain. They organize the content in a specific way.

Desk calendars

How does a desk pad calendar streamline your work?

The layout of a printed desk pad calendar includes days and months arranged specifically next to one another.

For example: months are arranged vertically on the left in two columns. On the right, there are days of the week, where you can plan your tasks in more detail, day by day. The final part of the desk pad calendar is the space for notes.

Paper gives you the freedom of writing by hand, which helps you memorize, as research shows. Writing by hand is also useful for tasks that require creativity, expression and a lack of constraints.

This is why desk pad calendars include space for simple drawings and notes. Such paper notes are also durable. There is no risk of forgetting about them after a few days, in the flood of files, data and links. They will always be within reach – on your desk.

Integrated within one sheet, the notes and the calendar teach you to manage your own time – you just need to take one look. A calendar hanging on the wall engages the eyes only, while a desk pad calendar engages multiple senses. Your sight, touch and kinesthetic memory. This definitely improves the process of learning and memorizing information.

Desk pad calendars

A desk pad calendar practically combines a calendar with a notebook.
Desk calendar

Printed calendars, including desk pad calendars

From the online printing shop, you can quickly and conveniently order desk pad calendars in both large and small quantities. The latter option is useful for small and medium-sized businesses with fewer employees.

Desk pad calendars come in several formats: A2, A3, B2, B3 – all in conformity with ISO 216. You can, of course, choose the format yourself and order one that optimally matches your needs.

The same applies to the thickness of the calendar – Chroma offers several versions with differing numbers of pages, from 26 to 100. You can also pick the color, the binding and the delivery time. This means that if the order is particularly urgent, for example, before the end of a calendar year, you may choose express shipping.

This is especially important in the case of calendars. They are ordered by customers in a relatively short period during the second part of the year. The Chroma online printing shop makes it easy to calculate the shipment through product configurator.

A desk pad calendar practically combines a calendar with a notebook. Printed on high-quality paper, it enhances the aesthetics of office space. It replaces the chaotic notes which otherwise litter your desk. Everyone knows the feeling of needing to quickly note down an email address or phone number while being on the phone with a customer.

A desk pad calendar functions as a professional:

  • calendar improving work organization and helping to adhere to deadlines
  • notebook preventing ideas or numbers from getting lost in a flood of data
  • planner of activities for every day in the working week
  • office space decoration.

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