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Custom desk calendars

Your brand on the desks of your clients and employees all year long
Are you wondering how to improve the performance of your employees?
Do you want your clients to enjoy better comfort of work and to always keep your brand on their desks?

Custom desk calendars have a number of useful benefits. They help you quickly check the date, the time left until project completion or the deadline for product, service or proposal delivery to a client.

In a personalized desk calendar, you can highlight dates relevant to the company, appointments or vacation days, and mark deadlines with exclamation marks. A printed calendar that is always at hand, on the desk, has many advantages over an electronic diary. It allows you to look away from the monitor and check the date with one glance. You can easily make your own highlights.

It is also a carrier of your brand communication. Make your own desk calendar as an ambassador of your company. Brand presentation possibilities depend on the type of desk calendar you choose. If you opt for a spiral-bound calendar, with personalized calendars pages, you can be inventive and show the benefits to your client.

Even a simple pyramid calendar is enough to remind your client about you. Think about what you want to communicate – the small printing space is also a good place for your message. Include at least your contact details, so that the client always has access the number to their account manager at your company. A custom desk calendar can be better than a business card. Business cards are kept in card holders with plenty of other cards. But there is only one calendar on the desk.

Desk calendars

Online printing shop – printing advantages and convenient ordering

It is incredibly easy to make your own desk calendar with an online printing shop. Pick the format, volume and the remaining settings, upload the files – the whole process is quick and easy. Orders placed before 4 p.m. are shipped within 24 hours. The calendars are shipped flat.

Choose the best custom desk calendar to meet your client’s expectations

A5 pyramid desk calendar
A5 spiral-bound desk calendar

The online printing shop offers you four types of personalized desk calendars to choose from:

A5 pyramid

The pyramid is made entirely of 300 g cardboard coated on one side. You can apply CMYK color print to the whole surface on one side.

This is the simplest solution. Its most significant advantage is a clear message that will accompany your client on their desk all year long.

A5 pyramid with attached calendar pages

You can attach 12 calendar pages to the pyramid. They are printed on 80 g offset paper and are separate for every month.

Just like the previous custom desk calendar, a pyramid is made of 300 g cardboard coated on one side. You can apply CMYK color print to the whole surface on one side.

You can choose the block of calendar pages from among the templates prepared by the online printing shop.

A5 spiral-bound calendar

A spiral-bound calendar is perfect if you want to personalize every month page. In this type of custom desk calendar, every page is designed separately. This way, you can highlight certain dates, for example, unusual holidays, such as the Kissing Day, industry celebrations or dates of the most important trade fairs. You can also mark the starting dates of your special offers, if planned in advance (as IKEA does).

This type of desk calendar consists of:

  • a non-printed pyramid made of 300 g cardboard coated on one side
  • twelve pages printed on one side on gloss or matte 170 g paper
  • a cover – printed on one side on gloss or matte 170 g or 300 g paper

The calendar is bound with a spiral that comes in four colors: black white, gold or silver.

DL 210x110 mm

A spiral-bound desk calendar in this format differs from the previous one in terms of size. It has a larger printable surface so you can add personalized images or pictures to calendar pages for every month.

This allows the graphic designer to be inventive and use a number of creative measures to present the benefits to the client and build brand image.

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