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Custom shapes – your advertising materials in a special shape

When rectangles and squares are not enough...
... use nonstandard ways to fight conventions.

Are you wondering how to add variety to your marketing communication? Are you unsatisfied with traditional flyers? Do you want to prepare a special invitation card? Do you have an idea for a business card that will stand out with not only print and paper but also shape? Order advertising materials in various shapes – with holes or in unusual formats.

Custom shapes

Marketing flyers that attract attention with their shape

Printed flyers are a traditional direct marketing tool. They are delivered to mailboxes or handed out in the streets, at events, trade fairs or business meetings. They are actively distributed by promoters or can be taken from a rack or a stand. Custom flyers serve as reminders about your company for potential clients (wherever they take your flyers because they are interested in your services), as a source of knowledge about your products and services and, last but not least, as business cards with contact details.

In many cases, potential clients either lack the time or do not want to search for information online. They take printed flyers instead and thus initiate the contact. They may not be leads yet because you cannot request their details in return for a flyer. However, potential interest has been expressed. They have moved to the second letter in the AIDA model.

But how can you attract their attention – letter A? How do you convince them to take your custom flyers? For trade fairs or advertising stands, an important role is played by the product itself and by an interesting booth, but in many situations (also ones already mentioned), a compelling marketing flyer can act as perfect bait.

Print flyers in unusual shapes to attract attention. For example, custom flyers can unveil product advantages in a new way – as customers open folded flyers, they can see extra descriptions or infographics with product details. The very shape of your printed flyers can also speak volumes if it alludes to your services or corporate identity.

Unusual poster shapes

Not only flyers can benefit from an original shape. Small posters that announce your event may also stand out this way. In the flood of other posters on notice boards, on fences and wherever posters can hang, an original shape helps bring out the poster from similar forms of communication. It attracts attention from afar.

Business card in an inventive shape

Your business card shows who you are. This tiny, still indispensable element of business relations speaks volumes about a brand. Elegant, inimitable, characteristic – those are the qualities of a perfect business card. It can be original not only in terms of paper or design but also in terms of shape.

A shape is also a message: if you own a pet store, you can create animal-shaped business cards, and if you run a bakery shop – a bread loaf. Design your own business card shape with the online printing shop. It will be meticulously prepared to give your business cards a special, characteristic look.

Invitations – to make the recipient feel special

And last but not least – invitations. They may serve advertising purposes if you wish to promote your event, but they are usually used in private settings, such as wedding receptions, baptisms or graduation parties. For all of those occasions, you can choose from a plethora of standard invitation cards, often trite and not always meeting your expectations. If you want your event to be special, find a matching invitation.

In addition to the graphic design and finishing, you may also consider unusual shape for your invites. Depending on the nature of the event, the shape may be more abstract or may be inspired by nature. With such design, the invitees will know they are about to have an incredible time, and they will feel privileged and honored to have been given the extra attention rather than sent standard templates.

Custom shapes

One, two, three... creativity!

Nikt nie lubi ograniczeń. Dlatego dajemy Ci pełną dowolność.
Stwórz niepowtarzalne materiały reklamowe, które podbiją serca wszystkich klientów.

Personalized shape – printing tips from

With the online printing shop, you may print any unusually shaped design in the following formats:

  • A2 – 420 x 594 mm
  • A3 – 297 x 420 mm
  • A4 – 210 x 297 mm
  • A5 – 148 x 210 mm
  • A6 – 105 x 148 mm
  • B2 – 480 x 680 mm
  • DL – 99 x 210 mm
  • 85 x 55 mm
  • 90 x 50 mm

As you can conclude from the formats, this may be a medium-sized poster, a color flyer, a folded flyer, an unusual invite or a business card. When it comes to paper, you can choose gloss or matte art paper of a grammage 300 g/m2 or harder matte paper of a grammage 350 g/m2.

The material can be both trimmed and folded. It is a technical requirement to attach a mask that shows the cutting and creasing lines. Use a minimum 2 point line in Magento for cutting lines and in Cyan for creases. This applies especially to tri-fold flyers, where the extreme pages are to be additionally cut in an unusual way. The printing shop employee will check if the designed shape is printable and will communicate any comments to the designer.

If you also plan holes in your custom flyers, remember that their minimum size is 6 mm.

Cutting combined with creasing requires picking on of the finishing types – to be applied either on one side or on both sides, depending on the colors. Choose matt film, gloss film or Soft Skin film.

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