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Calendar samples for custom calendars

See how your calendars may look like!
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Printed calendars have one clear advantage over smartphone calendars. As physical objects, they offer an actual physical experience, something invaluable nowadays.

You can hold a printed custom calendar in your hand, hear its pages rustling, hang it on the wall or put on your desk. Custom calendars offer a different customer experience and as such are a desired gift. They help you organize your time in a flood of meetings, tasks, deadlines and projects.

Calendars' samples

Use calendar samples from Chroma

Calendar samples

Seeing calendars only on computer or smartphone screens, many companies wonder what calendars to choose for their clients or business partners.

  • Three-month reference calendars?
  • Poster calendars?
  • One-month reference calendars?
  • Or perhaps school calendars?

These are just examples of what you can find in the Chroma online printing shop. They all clearly differ from one another as to size and the intended purpose. Some look better as wall calendars, while others are designed to be placed on a desk. It is easier for a client to define their needs when they hold a physical object in their hands.

The Chroma online printing shop has found a solution to this problem – it offers calendar samples. They are sets of three calendars to be used for product presentation or as gifts. This way, Chroma wants to make the choice easier for you and let you see if the product suits you and if you could convince your client to choose it.

Calendar samples, used both by the largest companies and by smaller business, allow you to see the final calendar as an actual product, not just on the screen.

Chroma offers samples of three calendars:

  • Three-month reference calendars with thick top panels coated with gloss film
    A bestseller among the calendars offered by the Chroma printing shop. The wide reference range encompassing three consecutive months makes it easy to plan and organize even meetings and deadlines significantly distant in the future. With a clear layout, they look perfect on the wall, whether in an office or an apartment, and are clearly visible from anywhere in the room.
  • Spiral-bound calendar
    An optimum combination of functionality and aesthetics for your personalized calendars. Thanks to the durable binding, turning the pages is easy and convenient. Every month is accompanied by a big picture. The finish makes this custom calendar a perfect premium product to advertise your company.
  • Pocket calendar
    A small pocket calendar is a useful solution whenever you are unable to take a look at large wall calendar, a two-month reference or a desk calendar. A pocket calendar is handy and you can carry it in your pocket, wallet, purse or bag. Or in the glove compartment of your car. The available finishes are matt or gloss film.
Custom calendars

Quality at your fingertips

Three-Month Reference Calendar with a convex head and glossy foil varnish. Pocket Calendar. Spiral-Bound Calendar with Drip Off varnish.

Choose better with calendar samples

The set of three calendars is a perfect combination and advertising medium for your company. It builds prestige and combines functionality with esthetics. The printed design allows you to test the calendar before you place a major calendar printing order.

All three calendars can be used to build business relations. Make your own calendar as a New Year’s gift for your business partners, regardless of the industry they operate in. It will accompany them all year, reminding them about the giver.

Create your own calendar thoroughly and in advance. The Chroma logotype printed on the designs results in attractive prices for calendar printing services. Another advantage is that the minimum order limit for calendar samples on is just one item. The maximum order limit is ten.

Check out other samples of Chroma products

The offers more than just calendar samples. You can also order finish samples or paper samples. There is free shipping for calendar samples in Poland, regardless of order volume.

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