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2023 calendar pages for one- and three-month reference calendars

Use the ones that suit your needs.
A whole year with your company's graphics!

Are you planning custom calendars? Do you already have the creative part of your personalized calendar but you are missing the standard element, that is the calendar pages? Order separate sets of calendar pages for one- and three-month reference calendars from the online printing shop.

Calendar pages are an indispensable component of your custom calendars, but there is no point preparing and printing them on your own. They always have the same function: to present the days of the month and leave some space for notes. They are standardized and include information necessary for anyone who needs to plan something.

Calendar pages for 2023 present days and weeks in a clear and legible way. The pages for particular months include the most important holidays and events, as well as information about name days.

Calendar pages for 2023

Wall calendars – space for creation and standardization

Three- and one-month reference calendars leave room for creativity, while at the same time being standardized. The top panel of a custom calendar of this type is an advertising design to remind the recipient about your company all year long. The level of inventiveness versus compliance with the corporate identity manual depends on the ingenuity of the designer and the nature of the brand.

But below the top panel, within the calendar pages – which are to assist the recipient with planning – there is room for unbridled imagination. What matters here is user experience and habit as well as years of work in the office environment. Everyone knows the advantages of wall calendars and expects certain elements to remain unchanged and serve the same functions every year. Hence the preference for a clear division into weeks and months, highlighted Sundays and holidays and information about name days.

Specific standards should be followed as this is justified by practical reasons and user experience. In this case, choose time-tested solutions, such as calendar pages ordered from an online printing shop.

2023 calendar pages

X-month reference calendars

Select from one-month and three-month reference calendars.
We hereby declare the end of forgetting.

2023 calendar pages from

The online printing shop prints calendar pages on 80 g offset paper. The calendar page format is 280 x 210 mm for one-month reference calendars and 280 x 140 mm for three-month reference calendars. The print is bicolor: in black and red.

One set of 12 calendar pages consists of 3 glued blocks with a cardboard back. You can order calendar pages where all three blocks are white, grey or mixed.

The online printing shop offers 2023 calendar pages for three-month reference calendar in three versions:

  • 3 white blocks
  • 3 grey blocks
  • 2 white, 1 grey block
  • 2 grey, 1 white block

A red date window is attached to calendar pages. The minimum order volume for calendar pages ordered from the online printing shop is 10 sets. Calendar pages ordered before 4 p.m. are shipped on the same day.

Calendar pages for shared planning

Such calendar page format supports better work organization and planning. Offering an overview of the whole month divided into weeks, with sufficient space for notes, the calendar pages become a practical time management tool – not only for you but for your team too.
One- and three-month reference calendars are not just personal planners. They serve anyone who can see them, allow people to plan joint actions and highlight dates of events relevant to the company and your colleagues.

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