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Chroma Upload 3D

Do not just imagine your printing results, experience them now with CHROMA 3D Upload.



Ordering online printing
has never been so intuitive

We are extremely proud of our 3D upload system.

It allows us to review and visualise your project, including a preview of the cut lines and refinements and showing how your product will be assembled. This enables you to place your order with no assistance from our team. Because we do not verify files manually, we save time that we can use to continue developing our brands. And everyone is satisfied!


We like the convenience and reliability of using our services, as we have provided our Clients with our own online file verification tool. It's cutting-edge and crucial for the timeliness and final quality of the ordered products.


Our system was created in response to a huge number of orders. It allows you to automate the process of introducing any corrections, which is instantaneous and takes as much as uploading the file.

The CHROMA 3D Upload will check the size, color scheme, format, bleeds and many other parameters of your file in a convenient and quick manner, in parallel to the ordering process. You don't have to worry about changing the colo scheme to CMYK, fonts to vectors or removing overprints.

Less mistakes

Remaining errors are indicated in a legible manner using appropriate alerts. Whatever you would have to change, you'll get a clear instruction on what to do so that the file is perfectly ready to be printed.

Print Preview

In practice, this means that in a few seconds you receive information on what can be improved and already at this stage you have a full, comprehensive, visual print preview of your materials.

CHROMA 3D Upload equals certainty of future print faultlessness and the maximum saving of your time. And all of that for free! Virtually preview your leaflet or catalog, browse through it and print it error-free!


See the possibilities offered by our 3D upload system!


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