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Three-month reference calendars

Three-month reference calendars – practicality comes first

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day...
Perfect for time management! Thanks to a three-month layout, where one month is displayed on a letter size page, you'll be able to take a glance at tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow!

Time management and organization – those are the ideals of every company that wants to operate efficiently. There are other methods to achieve this than through management assisting software. A three-month reference calendar is the simplest method which makes a convenient tool. It shows the status of your projects in the previous month, your current tasks and your future plans.

A quick glance is enough to check the status of your activities. A shared calendar in an office is an important and useful item.

Make your own calendar as a year-end gift for your clients, partners and employees. It is an excellent idea if your business offers products or services that are functional, useful and indispensable.

A custom calendar with calendar pages for three months embodies those values. Be creative as you design your own calendar. Pick a finish, calendar pages and the color of the date window and choose the artwork that conveys the values of your brand in the best possible way.

A three-month reference calendar will remind the recipients about your company in a non-invasive way but in accordance with state of the art marketing. Even if your clients’ attention is not focused on branding, it enters their subconscious memory to be recalled when the client is considering a purchase or an order.

Three-month reference calendar

Focal points of the design

You can choose from two options in the same format 820 x 320 mm: with either flat or thick imprint on the top panel. Your choice should be based both on the design and on your budget. Not all artwork will look good on a thick base; on the other hand, such top panels are more visible against the whole three-month reference calendar.

Three-Month Reference Calendars

Spread the wings of your imagination!

Choose configuration settings for the calendar pages' and windows' colors as well as head finishings like spot varnish and foil! Decide in what type of an envelope we should put your calendar!
Calendar pages

Calendar pages – an indispensable planning tool

A three-month reference calendar is based on 300 g cardboard, and the top panel is 300 g art paper. The calendar is printed on one side. When it comes to calendar pages, the online printing shop offers four versions:

  • 3 white blocks
  • 3 grey blocks
  • 2 white, 1 grey block
  • 2 grey, 1 white block

Whether in three- or one-month reference calendars, the calendar pages play an important role – they must provide space for notes and be clearly visible. Make your own calendar using sample designs of 2021 calendar pages on

The choice must match the designer’s idea, and especially the artwork on the top panel. Another decision to make for your custom calendar is the date window – it can be a red, green, blue or black window.

Top panel finishing

Top panel finishing for three-month reference calendars

If you are planning custom calendars that are to serve primarily practical functions, consider three- or one-month reference calendars. They provide space for company information – map, address and contact details. This way, the calendar functions as a business card too. It is, of course, a good idea to embellish it with unique professional artwork in order to also activate the image-building aspect of communication through this marketing tool.

In the top panel of a three-month reference calendar, there is space for artwork, which should speak as much about your company as possible. You can approach it artistically, to make it visually appealing, remembering to leave some space for company details, phone and e-mail to Customer Service or New Business. Such details have an advantage over a business card because they are displayed in a special place in the room rather than stuck into a holder. People do not have to look for them. Just remember that they should be discreet rather than forceful, serving as background for the visual design. When the client needs them, they will know where to find them.

Print your custom calendar using one of the finishing options available in the product configurator. Choose between matte and gloss film coating. If you want to bring out certain graphic elements of the design with selective UV varnish, pick matte film.

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