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Tear Off Perforated Flyers

Be fly and feel free to join!
A form of advertisement that asks for it!

When you need to quickly find new customers or distribute promo coupons, choose tear off perforated flyers from Chroma. First of all, printed materials of this type offer excellent value for money.

For plenty of minor services, press, radio or outdoor advertising is not cost-effective. Such services just need advertisement within a specific local area. In one district or housing estate or in a specific part of the city.

If a real estate agency is looking for apartments which owners would like to sell, it only needs advertisements in that neighborhood. The same applies to private teachers searching for new students. This is when tear off perforated flyers come in handy.

Tear Off Perforated Flyers

It's up to you!

Use our configurator and decide what you want to print on perforated fragments.
Tear the clients off the edge of their seats with your flyers!
Tear Off Perforated Flyers

A3 and A4 flyers

They resemble standard marketing flyers. ‘Flyer’ means printed material of a relatively small size, intended for quick distribution, containing information or encouraging a change of conduct. Tear off perforated flyers are ones where certain elements are separated with a fine perforation line. This makes it easy to tear off the tag and keep the information it contains.

Chroma offers tear off perforated flyers in two versions. In the first one, you can tear off small elements at the bottom of the flyer, known as tags. In the second one, the perforation divides a flyer into three equal parts – tri-fold flyers.

The choice of format depends on the amount of information you want to present. Where you just need a phone number or a short text, print flyers with tags as they will reach a wide audience.

And if you need to include more information for the customer to read on the torn-off piece, opt for 3x perforated printed flyers. Both versions come in the A4 flyer format.

Order several dozen tear off cheap perforated flyers from the Chroma online printing shop and get a short shipping time. This way, you will reach plenty of new customers. All you need to do is put up the printed flyers with perforation in the right places.

Just remember that streets are by nature chaotic spaces, where your custom flyers have to compete for the attention of passers-by with banners and other marketing flyers, such as standard or folded flyers. Streets are filled with much more competing stimuli than, for example, railway stations or shopping malls.

Tear Off Perforated Flyers

Three main functions of marketing flyers

What can you use tear off perforated flyers for?

  • Announcements: brief simplified notices where the author presents their services. Such a flyer must include the contact details of the author of the announcement. Ordinary street advertisements are known as classifieds. They are related to minor educational or cleaning services or search for lost objects, people or pets.
  • Advertisement: a more graphically advanced form of communication. Marketing flyers usually include a creative slogan, image or artwork to attract the attention of the audience. Its purpose is to invoke their interest in the message, make them remember the brand and influence their behavior. A marketing flyer of a takeout pizza place is a good example. A picture of an appetizing pizza encourages potential customers to tear off the tag with the phone number and e-mail address.
  • Coupon: nothing encourages consumers more than the prospect of savings and grabbing a good bargain. The majority of promo coupons are distributed online, but many of us will be happy to tear a coupon off a perforated flyer as we walk down the street or happen to stand in front of a notice board in the office corridor.

Tear off perforated flyers are viable only if the ordering process is easy and simple. Like the one offered by Chroma. It takes no more than a few minutes to configure the flyers. With one click, you can choose:

  • the desired format (A3 or A4),
  • the paper (gloss art paper),
  • colors (color on one side, color on both sides, black on one side).

Finally, specify the quantity (from 10 to 5000 flyers). The shipping of tear off perforated flyers in Poland is free.

Tear Off Perforated Flyers


Available in 2 formats, a solution that can be used for announcements, ads, and as coupons. Configuration should take only a few minutes, just stick to our guidelines.

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