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Square Business Cards – introduce yourself with an unusual shape

A square deal!
Realize the full potential of these business cards' nonstandard format.

A rectangle is the most common shape for both personal cards and business cards. It is a safe standard that communicates stability, robustness and confidence. A square conveys essentially the same message, just enriched with personal and unique meanings. A square business card is considered non-standard. So maybe it is the right shape for you?

As we remember well from school geometry classes, every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. Both quadrangles are organized structures and good foundations for the business card designer to fill with well-distributed elements.

But it is the square that is a symbol of excellence. It is in a square and not a rectangle that you can inscribe a circle, which immediately invokes associations with a compass rose, the Vitruvian Man, the four corners of the world, or the four elements. Incredibly harmonious, square used to be the favorite figure of architects and urban planners who designed edifices and city squares.

A square business card – what does it say about you?

Square is a symbol of excellence

A square business card may communicate a non-verbal message that you work in a creative industry, or you are simply a creative person. Designers, employees of advertising agencies, various artistic professionals often opt for square business cards.

However, the message of the square may differ depending on the context. If you wish to graphically emphasize that your company holds dear such values as equality, objectivity, equal treatment for all, and that it is less formal than average organizations, a square business card will be an excellent choice for you.

The same may apply to an individual – after all, we all continuously build our personal brands.

Square Business Cards

Fair and square!

A nonstandard that contains more content!
Decide if the square should be a swing tag or whether you prefer to use it in a nonstandard way in a promotional campaign.
Let the configuration begin!
Square Business Cards

Information inscribed in a square

The non-standard format speaks for itself, but you still need to squeeze in all the required information on both sides of your square business card. It includes your full name and contact details, probably your job title, company, logo and possibly also a slogan, claim or motto.

A designer of a square card will most likely locate those elements symmetrically along an axis for the most intelligible effect.

Swing tag business card

Or do you want your square business card to be simply a tag?

This is another good use for such business cards. The universal 65 x 65 mm format offered by Chroma is perfect for that. A swing tag business card can be punched.

Regardless of the intended use, the order volume limits for square business cards from Chroma are 50 to 100,000 cards. For express shipping, business cards ordered before 4 p.m. will be shipped on the same day. For standard shipping, they will be shipped on the next day after ordering.

Square Business Cards

A square embellished with emotions

This is just the beginning of square business card configuration with the Chroma online printing shop. Choose paper from the sophisticated range available for square business cards.

As an artistic soul, you may want your whole square business card design to highlight the decorative values of the paper, such as:

  • the uncoated slightly coarse Keaykolour Snow White,
  • the velvety Rives Sensation Tactile,
  • the felted Rives Dot with texture palpable as slightly dotted.

Other possibilities include using art paper or premium recycled paper (Chroma offers Cyclus Offset) as the background for print finishing of your choice. A business card with elements selectively coated with matching film or spot gloss will be completely unique.

Attract the attention of the recipient to the miniature square stage that is your business card with:

  • silver or gold foil,
  • gloss film or Soft Skin film – the latter makes the surfaces velour-smooth,
  • spot gloss to give your square business cards an extra dimension.

Such a business card can be called, without exaggeration, a true miniature square treat. Or a printed trinket that will attract the eye and will be kept for esthetic pleasure.

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