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Single-sided poster printing

True poster classic with various applications

You can see them in various places – in the streets and inside service establishments, where they have artistic, advertising or promotional purposes, or in private apartments, where they serve as decoration and as an expression of the owners’ tastes. Single-sided posters are the most popular and classic poster type.

Excellent design, clear message, perfect printing, vivid colors, perfectly matched paper and protective measures. These are the advantages of the single-sided poster. Use Chroma’s poster printing services to print custom posters for your advertising or communication campaign, for your office or your home.

Single-sided poster

Print a hard-wearing and durable custom poster

Posters attract millions of eyes, which they should as this is their function – draw attention and communicate a specific message. Unfortunately, they often face wind and rain. After all, single-sided posters hung outdoors are not always shielded from weather conditions. Protect them at the poster printing stage.

Protective properties are provided by gloss film, matte film or varnish coatings. The High Gloss UV offered by Chroma is a shiny varnish that makes your custom poster reflect light and keeps it rigid, at the same time making the colors of the print more vivid and brighter. Use this varnish for the highest attainable gloss.

The other finishing option for single-sided poster printing is Drip Off varnish – a visually spectacular hybrid varnish. It is a combination of two different effects: gloss and matte. It protects your custom posters, and it gives them an unusual look and a palpable coarse texture. Drip Off is a kind of compromise between a gloss and matte varnish.

As we have mentioned, you can protect single-sided posters through gloss or matte film. Just remember that film coating is not available for A1 and B1 poster printing. You can achieve similar effects with the High Gloss varnish. It is a more eco-friendly solution recommended by Chroma.

Single-sided poster

Matte in all its glory!

It's possible to add diverse finishings such as H-UV Soft Touch varnish or additional foil, which will esthetically enrich the project and stiffen the printout.
Single-Sided Posters

Print custom posters matching your expectations

Chroma offers single-sided posters in the following formats:

  • A1 – 594 x 841 mm
  • A2 – 420 x 594 mm
  • A3 – 297 x 420 mm
  • B1 – 680 x 980 mm
  • B2 – 480 x 680 mm
  • B3 – 336 x 480 mm

You can order trimming of the width and height for your single-sided poster.

Think carefully before picking the paper. The higher the grammage, the more durable your custom poster. You can choose from the following:

  • gloss art paper of a grammage 130 g, 170 g, 250 g or 350 g,
  • matte art paper of a grammage 130 g, 170 g, 250 g or 350 g,
  • uncoated modern woodfree 90 g preprint paper, suitable for instance for advertising prints.

Color single-sided poster or minimalist black and white custom poster? You create, you configure, you decide – gives you a choice.

Print your single-sided poster with tinning

Move on to the next level of protection for your single-sided custom poster – tinning. Professional creators of art exhibitions or advertising campaigns agree on the importance of hanging a graphic message safely and durably. Achieve this with a metal strip crimped along the edges of the poster. Thus protected poster can be easily hung and then displayed safely and for a long time.
The strips can run along the short or long side of your poster, at the top and at the bottom.

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