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Silver Foil Business Cards – elegant classic

A silver WOW effect!
Business cards with a finishing created to make the best impressions possible!

The Internet has not replaced business cards in business relations, and it is not going to. Business cards serve as reminders, symbols and brand-building tools – both for the company and for its representatives. As such, business cards should create the best possible image of their owners. Passing a business card cannot be a moment of embarrassment.

Your business card should also stand out from the pile of business cards that your potential business partner is going to receive, attract his or her attention and evoke positive associations. The last part is something you have to work out on your own, while will take care of the high-quality of your custom business cards.

Silver Business Cards

When is a business card the most effective?

You can use business cards in a number of settings:

  • conferences and congresses
  • business meetings
  • industry events
  • trade fairs
  • and any other meetings where you can expect to establish potentially valuable relations

To create business cards that differ from all others, use a print finish. Choose between gold foil, spot gloss or silver foil for unique elegance. Silver business cards are classic, professional and discrete. They suggest full professionalism and high quality of services.

A silver visiting card sends a clear message that you are a reliable partner to work with, a professional in a class of your own and that you succeed no matter the circumstances.

After business meetings, everyone brings back plenty of business cards with them. Design a silver business card to build your image as an expert able to solve the client's problems.

Silver visiting card

The meaning of silver

All colors carry a certain cultural meaning. Silver has been known for centuries, and nowadays, in addition to prestige and wealth, it also symbolizes the world of high technologies and the related modernity. Some perceive it even as more sophisticated than gold – due to its discretion and mysteriousness.
Silver means class and modernity so a silver foil business card not only communicates information about your company but also carries certain meanings of which you may be unaware. Remember about this as you design your business cards.
Silver Business Cards

Choosing silver metallic business cards from the online printing shop

On, you can order silver foil business cards in a number of configurations. First, choose the format that best matches the intended function:

  • 85x55 mm – a format similar to the size of a credit card, fitting a business card holder and the compartment in the wallet of the recipient. The size of our silver foil business card says that partnering with your company brings mutual benefits and that you can be counted on.
  • 90x50 mm – the most popular, classic format that fits any compartment and is easy to store. For this format, unique design and finishing are particularly recommended.
  • 65x65 mm – a square format for those who want to stand out from the crowd in a special way. Enhanced by the silver foil, the square proportions carry a message that the company is a robust organization.

Silver foil business cards are printed on matte art paper of a grammage 350 g. Depending on the print, they may be:

  • single-sided business cards – with only one side printed, the other one remaining blank,
  • double-sided business cards – with both sides of your business cards printed. Use the space overleaf to present your products or services or print company information with an advertising slogan.

You can choose extra finishing in addition to the silver foil:

  • spot gloss – applied selectively on specific elements to enhance their effect. Do not use it on white elements because it can affect the shade after printing. Remember that the darker the color, the less noticeable the effect. If you decide to combine silver foil with spot gloss, you must also choose Soft Skin film.
  • Soft Skin film – cover your business card with a gentle layer pleasant to the touch to enhance the prestigious nature of the product.

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