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We lead by example!

Templates of: paper, finishing, label substrates and more!

Don’t print a pig in a poke !
See what your project can
look like in reality.

Paper templates

Glossy, metallic, decorative, Multiloft ... Experience our vast choice range! Discover all of paper types which will emphasize the uniqueness of business cards, leaflets, or company catalogs like no other.

  • 24 unique cards
  • all available paper types
  • all weights
  • see how CMYK and tint components highlight the character of each paper type

Finishing templates

One image is worth more than a thousand words. Check how much an image you can touch is worth! Order the templates and see for yourself how your designs can look like and what impression they can make if you add our finishings to them.

  • 13 unique cards
  • all possible and available finishings
  • helpful tips for project preparation
  • unique textures

Label - Paper Templates

Choose the right surface!
Is this the first time for you to print adhesive coloured labels on a roll? You certainly don’t want to buy a lemon and rightly so! We have something to convince you to work with us. Order a sample book, with examples of our work so you can choose to print your product labels with confidence. Check both the quality of the surface and the glue to find the best configuration for your product.

  • 9 unique cards
  • all types of surfaces available
  • examples of applications
  • possible shapes
  • an opportunity to test them on your own product

Catalog of calendars

A timeless catalog showing all types of calendars available at Chroma along with their full technical descriptions and unique graphics. You will also get the presentation of the possibilities of white and fluo overprinting done with HP Indigo 12000 in HP ElectroInk technology.

Seasonal offer.

Calendars’ patterns

A set of three calendars with Chroma’s logo to be used during product presentation or as a gift.

  • A three-month reference calendar with a convex head and glossy foiling. The most frequently ordered product which is the most popular among customers.
  • Spiral-bound calendar
    Combining functionality and aesthetics thanks to the Drip Off varnish.
  • Pocket calendar
    A typical advertising product for your client's wallet.