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Saddle-stitched calendars

Your brand in your client’s place of business all year long
Are you thinking of a business gift for your business partner?
Do you want them to remember about your brand all year long?

Create your own calendar in the form of a saddle-stitched wall calendar. The online printing shop will help you choose the best custom calendars.

We all have digital calendars. This is not always the most convenient solution. A calendar on the wall is helpful – you just need to take one glance to check the date, the amount of time left until the end of the project, the preferable timing of the next appointment. Your client certainly has more than one calendar in their office, conference room or waiting room.

Simply speaking, a printed calendar is a highly practical solution, useful on a daily basis.

Why should a client have a custom calendar with your company logo? Why go for a saddle-stitched calendar to convey your message?

Various sizes of saddle-stitched calendars – your products or services presented from multiple perspectives

The online printing shop offers saddle-stitched calendars in several sizes. You can choose between 28-page A5, B5 and A4 calendars or 16-page A4 calendars.
Your custom calendars are printed on 170 g paper (gloss or matte) in the offset technology. Pages are printed on both sides with CMYK colors.

Create your own calendar to benefit your brand – saddle-stitched calendars for 2021

Remember about your client’s needs and concurrently display your logo, products and services. A saddle-stitched calendar is perfect for this. Every month is different, has different artwork, so you have an opportunity to present the company and its services in a unique and compelling way. It is up to you what you show your client. The online printing shop will make sure your ideas are presented in the best possible quality to accompany your client all year long.

You do not have to design the calendar pages, i.e. particular dates and months. You can choose one of the templates that the online printing shop has prepared for you.

Do you have an extensive product portfolio and want to build the customer experience? Do you want your clients to remember about you for the entire year? Give them a saddle-stitched calendar. In addition to providing them with a practical custom calendar, you have an opportunity to present your brands, products and services in an original way.

Design the artwork or photos to present your company in the best possible light and to remind your client about your relationship in a new way every month. About the reliability of your company and its services or products.

You can build your brand through images accompanied by mottos. This is how plenty of businesses run their Instagram profiles. Take a look – images are lost in the flood of pictures. A calendar stays. It can be a durable designer product appreciated by your client, accompanying them all year long.

You can also approach the design with humor and prepare a cycle of amusing images to give your client a breather and improve their mood. There are plenty of ideas to choose from but remember to pick the one that reflects the values of your brand in the best possible way. In a saddle-stitched calendar, you can print a different portfolio for every month to present different sides of your products. Just remember as you create your own calendar that the design should speak the language of benefits for the client and not only feature pretty pictures or your products.

Split-page print calendar

A 28-page calendar in which the entire double page can be used every month. Enough space for large photos and many notes.

Split-page print calendar – 28 pages:

  • format A5 – 148 x 420 mm or 210 x 148 mm, paper grammage 170 g, gloss or matte, print on both sides 4/4 (CMYK), stitched along the short side
  • format B5 – 162 x 470 or 235 x 162 mm, paper grammage 170 g, gloss or matte, print on both sides 4/4 (CMYK), stitched along the short side
  • format A4 – 210 x 594 or 297 x 210 mm, paper grammage 170 g, gloss or matte, print on both sides 4/4 (CMYK), stitched along the short side

All 28-page saddle-stitched calendars have holes at the bottom of the page so that you can hang them on the wall and turn the calendar pages every month.

One-page print calendar – 16 pages:

  • format A4 – 297 x 210 mm, paper grammage 170 g, gloss or matte, print on both sides 4/4 (CMYK), stitched along the short side, holes next to staples

Online printing shop – printing advantages and convenient ordering

It is incredibly easy to make your own calendar with an online printing shop. Pick the format, volume and the remaining settings, upload the files – the whole process is quick and easy. Orders placed before 4 p.m. are shipped within 24 hours.

One-page print calendar

A 16-page calendar with smaller advertising space to use for all who are looking for an economical print version.

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