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Roll-up represents your company wherever it should be present

Don't just lie there, stand out from the crowd!
Take advantage of the potential lying within this popular form of advertising

Probably every business knows this popular advertising item. A roll-up – a set consisting of roll-up visuals printed on flexible material, a closing cassette and a protective cover – is useful wherever notable brands are present. It is an indispensable element of trade fairs, conferences and industry meetings. A distinctive roll-up is a must.

Is your company a participant, organizer or sponsor of a business event? Your roll-up has to be there. Set it up in the right place to successfully represent the brand. Properly designed, it will increase the awareness of the name and logo of the company as an entity that is involved in the life of the industry and is at the center of important events.

In addition, your company’s visuals are bound to become a background for quite a few pictures from the event, which will boost their promotional effect. The only condition is to optimally position the roll-up at the venue.


It's some pretty strong stuff!

Special foil with a satin finishing. Resistant to moisture and scratches.
Owing to a special bag and lightweight design, you can take it everywhere!

With a solid roll-up, you are always the hero of the event. Why?

  • You roll the visuals out and up as you please. You can take it anywhere you want, as you can carry it with you.
  • A roll-up is light, and in the 1 x 2 m variant it is also convenient. It will not stand in your way during meetings, the bag with the roll-up can be put down discretely, it is also no obstacle when you travel.
  • In the venue of the event, high-quality artwork with the logo, name or another visual element of your company that catches the eye gives your brand a professional touch. If properly positioned, it will be fully and consciously acknowledged by many people who are valuable to your company.
  • A well designed roll-up, even if seen through the corner of the eye, still imprints the basic branding elements on the mind of the recipient. The message will be reinforced through the context created by the industry event.
  • Events are nowadays held in a number of venues, which are often quite far from a specific conference hall or the fair facility. Pictures and stories are shared among those concerned even before an event ends, and they often reach industry media. A strategically placed roll-up with distinctive artwork will be featured in plenty of such materials. This will intensify its promotional effects.
  • The handling of this medium is highly convenient for a brand promoter. You can order only the polyester roll-up insert or a set with a cassette. You can replace the visuals as needed.
  • In our online printing shop, you can order from 1 to 10 roll-ups to match your needs. Pay in zloty or euros. If you place an order by 2 p.m. on a working day, you will receive your roll-up(s) on the third day after ordering.

Be visible at fairs and conferences!

Impressive form of advertising with top transport convenience. Replace graphics whenever you want.

Let the roll-up successfully represent you!

The branding medium in the universal 1 x 2 m format gives your brand proper visibility. Distinctive, high-quality print is also important. Roll-up visuals captured on a special film with a satin finish stand out nicely. They also emphasize the prestige of your company in a place where it will be noticed by the target audience.

You can change the visuals as needed. The freedom in choosing visual communications to match the style and type of the event is a significant element of brand management.

Roll-ups are convenient

There is a reason why this form of branding is so popular. Artwork rolled up into a cassette and packed in a portable bag is perfect for transport.

One person is enough to successfully handle this type of brand presence at an event. A brand representative should be given proper instructions and find the right place and spatial context to display the roll-up.

This advertising tool does the rest. Roll-up is a light but strong structure where a 240 mic banner made of special polyester is attached to a metal frame. The polyester is durable and as such perfect as a base for the visuals. The artwork is printed on one side. The film finishing provides additional resistance to humidity and scratching.

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