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Recruitment in CHROMA

4 steps to mutual success!


Application Documents Analysis

At this stage, we check if your qualifications are in line with the requirements of the job offering you have responded to. We like to read and can appreciate the commitment, so include a cover letter in your application - fill it with feelings and we'll be delighted!

We operate quickly, so we close this recruitment stage within two weeks of receiving your documents.


Phone Call

If your CV and cover letter have sparked our interest, there will be a call from us inviting you to the next step in the process. Together, we will determine the place and time of the meeting for an interview.

Candidates who have not passed the previous stage will receive an email with relevant information and acknowledgement.



On the agreed date, we will meet at our HQ - expect the presence of your future supervisor and our HR Manager. We will collectively discuss your experience and we will ask you for details of your competences. Sometimes, due to the nature of your job, we may ask you to do a test task or to submit a sample of your previous achievements.

We try to make the atmosphere of the meeting as positive as possible.


Final Decision

During the meeting, we'll define the date in which you will be notified about our final decision. If it's positive, there will be nothing left for us except discussing the particulars of welcoming you in the group of CHROMA Professionals.

We focus on transparency, so if this time we do not hire you, you will receive feedback from us and a thank-you note for the time you have devoted for the process.

Do you have questions or need additional information?

Contact our HR Department - we are happy to help and talk with people interested in working at CHROMA:

Phone number: 68 363 41 39

Hope to hear from you soon!