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Premium poster printing – when you want to show top quality

Solutions for posters which are supposed to manifest their exceptional quality by great form.

If in a few weeks or so you are finally opening your dream business. You already have premises, and you can already envisage the interior. Simple design, wooden floors, lots of plants and definitely posters on the walls. Ones you always wanted to show people because they represent the style you want to exude. They will be large, of course, and completely error-free. Premium posters.

You are soon moving to your own apartment. It will not be big, but it will be arranged entirely according to your taste. Finally, no one can sniff at your beloved carpet-free parquet and raw-looking walls, decorated only with a few posters. But what kind of posters! There will be no compromise when it comes to the quality of your custom posters. And rightly so – the Chroma printing shop will meet your expectations with its premium poster printing services.

Premium Posters

Express incredible quality through premium custom posters

What makes a poster a premium poster? Let us list several essential elements:

  • Paper selection. Chroma offers coated art paper for premium poster printing, either gloss (grammage 170 g, 250 g or 350 g) or matte (grammage 170 g, 250 g or 350 g). Coated posters perfectly accept colors and are more rigid, which results in a more elegant effect.
  • Quality of print. The most technologically advanced printing shop in Poland, Chroma has no equal in this respect.
  • Application of finishes. Finishes such as lamination or varnishing may be applied to the whole or a part of your custom posters. It gives an elegant gloss while protecting the poster.

Make your own poster with Chroma’s configuration module. You can print both single-sided and double-sided posters. If you opt for the latter, you can flip the poster depending on your mood or circumstances and enjoy different artwork. Minor changes to the surroundings have a genuinely refreshing effect, especially if they are of top quality.

Premium Posters

Time for a premium choice!

5 available formats, 4 paper types, and 1 great final effect!
Configure your poster, order it for execution in just a few minutes.

Premium means extra. Print posters with extra gloss and quality

To enhance the impression made by your custom poster, choose High Gloss UV varnish. It contains agents that boost the gloss effect. Its result is truly spectacular – it is the highest degree of light reflection to be achieved in poster printing. Furthermore, High Gloss UV makes the colors of the poster elements to which it is applied brighter and more vivid.

If you are unable to decide whether you prefer a high-gloss or matte effect, pick Drip Off varnish. It gives your custom poster with a palpable coarse texture but also provides a little gloss.

Other finishing types offered within Chroma’s premium poster printing services include gloss or matte film coating. Just remember that lamination is not available for the largest formats of poster prints: A1 (594 x 841 cm) and B1 (680 x 980 cm). For those formats, use High Gloss UV varnish to print eco-friendly and cheap custom posters.

Other formats to be used for premium poster printing with Chroma are A2, A3, B2 and B3.

Slide binding posters

Print premium posters with beauty additionally protected

Premium posters can also be protected with tinning. The solution can be confirmed as highly recommendable by any professional exhibitor and practitioner who know what to do to enjoy a beautiful custom poster for a long time. Tinning can be top/bottom, along either the short or the long side.

This form of protection is useful in many places where your premium posters are at risk of such factors as humidity (especially if it alternates with the presence of dry and hot air), draft, rubbing or knocking. Such conditions can be easily imagined in a foyer of a theater and a movie theater, in a hall of a luxurious office building, near a kitchenette in an apartment or inside a hair salon.

Regardless of the specific conditions, a hole in the upper strip to hang your custom poster is definitely an advantage. This way your custom printed poster can be displayed safely and conveniently. A truly premium poster.

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