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Pocket calendars

Mini calendars — a small big product!
A gadget that may be used for both promotion and advertising with a personal touch!

If you are looking for convenient custom calendars, choose pocket calendars. Ones that are always within reach without occupying too much space, whether on a business trip, on vacation or at a meeting.

Chroma offers custom calendar printing services for all those searching for such calendars for the coming years. Just enter the phrase corresponding to that product and the approaching date in the search engine: “calendar 2021,” “calendar 2022,” “calendar 2023,” “calendar 2024” and so on. We will do our best to suggest a customizable calendar that precisely matches your needs.

There is truth in the saying: “Small is beautiful.” The same applies to pocket calendars. Their small size is their biggest strength which does not compromise any of the functions of typical calendars. First of all, they let you keep track of time. They help you manage your time when you are on the phone, and you immediately want to mark the appointment you are arranging with your interlocutor on your calendar.

Such talks often take place when you are somewhere else than at the office – on a train or stuck in a traffic jam. For one reason or another, you are unable to take a look at a wall calendar, a two-month reference calendar or a desk pad calendar. This is when a pocket calendar comes in handy.

Pocket calendar printing in a typical size

Pocket calendars are an excellent idea for a small business gift. Especially for employees who perform a large portion of their work away from the office. They are highly practical for sales representatives traveling around the region from store to store.

If they are given more copies, they can distribute them to the staff of the points of sale with whom they do business. They can always have small casual gifts with them. The same applies to technical staff in the field. This way, pocket calendars allude to the tradition of gift-giving by some guilds, for example, chimney sweeps.

A typical pocket calendar size from the Chroma online printing shop is 85 x 55 mm, similar to the credit card format. This way, your custom calendar fits any compartment where you carry business cards and credit cards. Whether in your wallet or your holder for cards and documents. You can always have it within reach, in your purse or your pocket.

Order pocket calendars from in the following configurations:

  • paper: matte art paper 350 g
  • color: color both sides
  • finish: Soft Skin film, gloss film
  • rounding: x4

Calendar finishing and rounding options are particularly recommended. The finish is particularly crucial because pocket calendars are used in various conditions, with high frequency, for twelve months. A film-coated calendar remains durable and lasts for a longer time. Corner rounding is also a noteworthy possibility. It makes your product stand out and gives it a more unusual, modern look.

Make your own calendar to be used at home or at the office. It can be attached to a fridge with a magnet or left on the company reception desk as a small gift. You can order print on both sides, using the space overleaf to place the company logo, a picture or artwork.

Pocket calendars

A proven solution!

A popular calendar format that is as small as a business card so it fits in your wallet!
Time always at your disposal!

Pocket calendars – tinier and better

Custom calendars of that type are also consistent with the trend of miniaturizing the objects around us. Daily use objects have been becoming noticeably smaller, lighter and more efficient for decades. Regardless of the complexity of the object itself, this applies to cars and aluminum cans in equal measure. And to print. Due to the development of printing machines, print has become more precise and esthetic. Pocket mini calendars are also incredibly legible nowadays.

Print is not just a visual experience; it can also be touched. You can check the high quality of pocket custom calendars printed by Chroma for yourself. Order a catalog with the current options of all custom calendar printing services provided by Chroma. The catalog includes pocket calendars.

The Chroma online printing shop will print even such small volumes as 50 calendars. There is no upper limit – the shop will also process an order for 100,000 calendars.

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