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Print personalisation

An even greater sense of uniqueness

Every industry needs printed materials.
Thanks to personalisation, we can make your company's materials stand out from the competition!


What is personalisation?

It is the possibility of introducing changes to any graphic or text element on each subsequent sheet.
To put it simply, you can print whatever you want on each item to ensure that every product in the batch is different.

Such materials can be unique and tailor-made to the needs and expectations of
your clients, which significantly increases their effectiveness! Contact us.

Your company’s communication strategy
with even more energy

Why do you need such
product personalisation?

We like things that are unique, exceptional, suited to our needs and likings. Thanks to personalisation, what you offer your clients can be just right, making them feel special.

Which materials
can be personalised?

We can personalise not only invitations, flyers, business cards and vignettes, but also diplomas, certificates, vouchers and catalogue covers.

Which elements
can be personalised?

It is possible to offer different variables, such as individual numbering, barcodes, different personal data or graphic elements.

How can I place
a personalised print order?

You can order personalised prints as a non-standard order via BOK or by email at

Step by step

How can I properly
prepare files that I want to personalise?

project files


Prepare a project file that is to be personalised.


Prepare a model on which you can indicate the places you want to personalise (up to 4 changes)

layout personalisation
CSV files


Prepare a database: CSV files, all variable data separated by commas, each record in an individual row. Each personalisation field must be placed in a separate column.


Indicate the font you want to use in the personalisation. If we do not have it in our system, we can offer you a suitable replacement.

printer settings


Never forget to tell us about the size and the colour of the font. We work with the CMYK palette colours


From now, it’s our job! After completing the above steps, we then send you a file for approval.

last step

Take the first step,
your print...

Learn more about the possibilities of
print personalisation! Write what you want
to personalise and then we can quote your project.

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