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Multiloft Magnet Business Cards

Magnificently magnetic!
Business cards with a mission and a magnet.

Business cards, flyers, posters, stickers, calendars – they all are created in the printing process. In a world where new information and data emerges rapidly, such objects have an undeniable advantage. They can be touched, held in the hand, they are physical, tangible. Which is why they are excellent tools for addressing customers. And the good news does not end here.

The printed Multiloft Magnet business cards offered by the Chroma online printing shop are perfect to give to customers. The internal layer of these business cards is a magnet, so they can be attached to a fridge, a metal cabinet and any other metal objects. This way, a regular business card becomes a gadget.

Multiloft Magnet

Business card on... a fridge?

By the way, attaching magnets to fridges is a cultural phenomenon that is a subject of ethnography studies. And opening a fridge or looking at a metal board in an office is a daily habit. As you do it, you glance at the magnets.

This way, people look at Multiloft Magnet business cards, even subconsciously, any time they reach for the specific object of daily use. Even if such business cards do not prompt them to make an instant phone call or send an e-mail, they successfully remind them about the business card owner and their company. Constant dropping wears away a stone, also in business. A seemingly minor change, such as adding a magnet to a business card, may bear fruit in the form of new business contacts or clients.

What is a business card? This is more or less clear. It is usually a rectangular printed card with the business details of the owner. Business cards are used to establish business contacts and relations, they are given during the first encounter. They tell us who we are talking to, inform us about the job position of our interlocutor, whom we can later easily contact using the data on the business card.

And what about the magnet? In physical terms, this is a solid object that produces a magnetic field. This way, it attracts metals. A business card combined with magnet gives a Multiloft Magnet business card.

Such business cards will not be lost at the bottom of a drawer or in a business bag. They can be put up on the fridge and detached whenever needed. As such, they can be viewed multiple times. They will be seen even by accidental users of the objects to which the business cards are attached.

The additional practical value for the client is that magnetic business cards may be used to keep other printed materials attached to the surface of the fridge or cabinet, such as business flyers, bills or notes. Almost everyone uses fridge magnets at home so Multiloft Magnet business cards will be gifts understandable and familiar to the majority of users.

Multiloft Magnet Business Cards

Take Multiloft Magnet into consideration, keep an eye on it!

An idea worthy of an out-of-the-box approach and design
A business card that may become a decorative gimmick.

How do you configure a Multiloft Magnet business card?

A Multiloft Magnet business card may become a part of the nearest home or office surroundings of your client no matter how diverse it is. The magnet turns a business card into a miniature advertisement. This is why the quality of workmanship is so important here.

Design business cards with the Chroma online printing shop and choose print finishing options from the wide available range.

The business cards come in three formats:

  • 55 x 85 mm
  • 90 x 50 mm
  • 65 x 65 mm

The business cards are printed on paper called Multiloft Magnet. As your next step, choose the business card filling color. You can pick from the following: orange, white, yellow, turquoise, green, black, red, violet and blue.

Print combined with magnet results in a special product, in contrast with a regular business card, which consists only of printed paper. You do not always require thousands of business cards to benefit your business, though you can order as many as you would like from Chroma. Even if you need a small number of custom business cards, this is not a problem for our online printing shop. The minimum order volume for Multiloft Magnet business cards is twenty. Shipping is free in Poland.

Multiloft Magnet Business Cards

Force of attraction!

The outer fine paper layer draws attention, the inner, magnetic — your fridge!
An option for those who expect more from their business cards!

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